How to Make the New BGV Process Incredible With Tech in 2022

The BGV process is essential in recruitment. Blockchain and AI are disrupting the old hiring process. See how PhonePe was able to recruit better with Instahyre.


Background verification (BGV) is also known as Background Screening. 

The BGV process is essential for talent acquisition. The main goals of this white paper are to reduce the chances of making bad hires & improving the efficiency of the BGV process using the latest technologies, like remote hiring, blockchain and AI.

Focus Sections of the Whitepaper

  • Why Background Verification Matters in the Modern Corporate Context
  • Using Blockchain to Enhance & Accelerate Background Verification
  • How Great BGV Enhances Candidate – And Company – Standards
  • How COVID Impacted Background Screening & Verification
  • Action Plan: Automating BGV Using Artificial Intelligence

What our Talent Acquisition Expert says:

Even though availability of talent is higher , there are chances of impersonation and fake candidature. Hence , PhonePe made all interviews include mandatory video calls.

Ashwin Kumar

Ex Talent Acquisition Lead @PhonePe (Current - Technical Recruiter @Google)