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<1 min | Posted on 29/04/2024

Is the future of work flexibility just a myth sold to millennials?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Explore the debate on work flexibility in modern workplaces with insights from industry leaders Harmeet Chhabra and Rohith Kumar. This discussion covers if work flexibility is truly feasible or just a modern myth.

Harmeet Chhabra

Director - Talent Engine

Rohith Kumar

Team Lead Talent Acquisition - ER&D
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Heraclitus famously said, “The only constant in life is change,” a sentiment that rings especially true in today’s work environment. This week on Instahyre Roundtable, we’re stirring the pot with a provocative discussion: Is the modern workplace’s promise of flexibility a genuine shift in work culture, or just a lofty ideal marketed towards millennials?

On May 2nd 2024, join us as we welcome Harmeet Chhabra and Rohith Kumar, two trailblazers in talent acquisition, to dissect the multifaceted concept of work flexibility. We’re setting the stage for a candid conversation about the integration of flexibility in the workplace and its impact across different generations.

What We’re Discussing:

  • Reality Check: How effective is the implementation of flexible work policies, and are they really meeting employee expectations?
  • Generational Divide: Do millennials and older generations see eye to eye on what work flexibility should look like?
  • Looking Ahead: As we navigate through rapid changes in technology and workplace norms, what future trends can we anticipate for flexible working arrangements?

Deep Dives:

  • Challenges Unveiled: What hurdles do organizations face in making work flexibility a reality, and how are they navigating these challenges?
  • Measuring Impact: We examine how flexibility is reshaping the traditional workplace metrics of productivity and employee well-being.

Why Tune In? Expect a dynamic exchange of ideas and experiences that cut through the hype to reveal the underlying truths about work flexibility. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your career, this discussion will provide valuable insights into how the concept of flexibility is evolving and what it means for future work cultures.

Harmeet Chhabra

Director – Talent Engine

With a robust track record in transforming talent strategies into tangible business outcomes, Harmeet stands out as a visionary in HR management. His leadership extends beyond traditional roles, encompassing strategic partnerships with business leaders to align talent acquisition with organizational goals. Known for his adeptness in end-to-end recruitment management, from sourcing to onboarding, Harmeet excels in leveraging advanced HR practices to drive growth and success.

Rohith Kumar

Team Lead Talent Acquisition – ER&D

Rohith is a dynamic AI-driven sourcing strategist whose passion for recruitment technology has set him apart in the talent acquisition arena. With eight years of hands-on experience spanning APAC, India, and North America, Rohith has mastered the art of engaging talent across geographies. An avid blogger and social media enthusiast, he seamlessly integrates cutting-edge sourcing tools with traditional recruiting methods.

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