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<1 min | Posted on 29/09/2023

Behavioral Science in HR & Talent Acquisition: A Dual Perspective

Reading Time: 2 minutes Explore the fusion of behavioral science in HR & Talent Acquisition with experts Ratika & Dhara. Dive beyond traditional hiring for a fresh perspective.

Ratika Shrivastava

Talent Acquisition Lead (Project Hiring Lead)

Dhara Shah

Deputy Manager - Human Resources
Reading Time: 2 minutes

“Success in management requires learning as fast as the world is changing.” – Warren Bennis.

The recruitment landscape has always been a complex amalgamation of understanding job roles, company cultures, and, most significantly, the intricate nuances of human behavior. As organizations evolve, there’s a growing realization that understanding a candidate or employee goes beyond their CV or performance metrics. This is where the powerful combination of HR practices, talent acquisition strategies, and behavioral science comes into play.

Journey Beyond the Conventional

The session promises to be a journey beyond conventional hiring and HR practices. Attendees will gain insights into:

  • How Ratika and Dhara integrated behavioral science into their professional strategies.
  • The tangible benefits and challenges of using psychometric tools.
  • Real-world experiences and feedback have refined their approach.
  • Their vision for the future of behavioral science in HR and Talent Acquisition.

Why Attend?

In a rapidly evolving corporate landscape, staying updated with the latest trends and methodologies is crucial. This session is not just for HR professionals or recruiters. If you’re intrigued by the confluence of psychology and business, this is a must-attend. Whether you’re a startup founder, a team leader, or someone stepping into the world of HR and recruitment, the insights from this session can equip you with knowledge that sets you apart.

Two Luminaries, One Stage

Ratika Shrivastava

Talent Acquisition Lead (Project Hiring Lead)

She has a holistic grasp of HR generalist activities and is renowned for her collaborative leadership, fostering partnerships to streamline HR operations. Dhara excels in relationship building, conflict resolution, and stands out as a dynamic communicator, bridging cultural and professional gaps seamlessly.

Dhara Shah

Deputy Manager – Human Resources

Her prowess lies in Talent Management, Business Development, and Employee Engagement. With an academic foundation in Economics from Delhi University and an MBA in Human Resources from Amity University, she combines strategic planning with hands-on recruiting expertise.

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