What boosted quality closure in record time for Little Black Book?

With Instahyre, LBB was able to close positions faster with top quality candidates


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LBB + Instahyre = Quick Quality Closure


  • Sourcing took excessive time due to junk resumes
  • Recruiters had to screen through the resumes manually to validate the relevancy


  • Sourcing quality candidates became a breezy task
  • The reduction of junk resumes made closing positions faster

What recruiters say about Instahyre:

Instahyre adds value by allowing you to structure your requirements, pre-filter the best candidates, and make the whole process faster by automating a lot of required communication and filtering. It also gives you candidates consistently who are fresh and active so that you don’t have to waste time chasing people. Instead, you end up working on getting the right people onboarded on your team and moving forward

Dhruv Mathur

Co-founder and Head of Product @Little Black Book

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