How one step in the right direction increased candidate relevancy for Rippling by 50%

The relevancy rate increased with over 50% of the total candidates relevant to what they were looking for. The turnaround time also improved.


Instahyre’s passive pool which understands how a candidate’s intent in their job search journey has helped Rippling connect and convert with relevant candidates.

As a result, Instahyre filled 60% of all entry-level and mid-level positions at Rippling, and it has also been a great help in recruiting for crucial senior positions at Rippling.


  • Unable to attract high-quality candidates
  • Time taken to connect with senior candidates through other channels was very high


  • The relevancy of the profiles of potential candidates increased by over 50%
  • Helped in connecting with relevant profiles to close Junior to Senior job positions i.e from L4 to L9 levels
  • The response rate of the candidates increased by 30%.

What recruiters say about Instahyre:

The best thing I liked about Instahyre was that it was just like other job portals, making it easy to use, but it had more candidates with their personal information. This came in as a great thing because I could directly get in touch with the candidate, and I didn’t have to wait for them to revert over other social networking portals for contact details.

Shruthi K.

Recruiter, Rippling