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<1 min | Posted on 27/07/2023

How Freecharge Achieved 90% Candidate Relevancy

Reading Time: < 1 minute Most of the time, you may find a relevant candidate, but they are not interested in the job opportunity, resulting in wasted time and effort for the recruiter.

Reading Time: < 1 minute

There is no doubt about the fact that Instahyre helps close positions faster – in a span of 7 days – while it may take up to 30 days on other platforms to fill the same position.

Our machine learning-enabled ‘InstaMatch’ technology assesses the requirements every time a job is posted and instantly creates a curated list of active and passive candidates who best fit the role. 


  • Find the right set of candidates with the desired skills.
  • Unable to find aptly skilled, diverse candidates.


  • The relevancy rate went up to 90%, whereas it was 40% through other platforms.
  • The positions were closed within 7 days, whereas it took 30 days via other platforms.

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