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<1 min | Posted on 13/03/2024

How Instahyre Delivered 90% Relevancy for WorkOnGrid

Reading Time: < 1 minute The right pool of candidates can make a world of difference for recruiters. It doesn't only reduce the TAT but it also helps to hire qualified candidates. Instahyre ensures that the requirement meets the job description and ensures that no talent is overlooked with its Custom Hiring Stages.

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Recruiters can customize the hiring workflows to mirror their exact hiring process. They can set up automated actions like sending assignment emails, reminders, and ongoing updates within pipeline stages. Instahyre shows a candidate’s entire hiring journey in one go and what exact action one needs to take next. 


  1. Lack of a proper sourcing channel
  2. Mismatch between candidate expectations and job role


  1. 90% of tech roles were closed via Instahyre due to highly relevant and active candidates
  2. The job role and candidate expectations got aligned due to precise matching

Instahyre’s platform has been great. Previously, our hiring period averaged around six months and there was a significant gap between our expectations and the reality of the role. However, after using Instahyre, we witnessed a dramatic reduction in our hiring timeline, with candidates being offered positions within a month and joining within two. This accelerated turnaround not only saved time but also allowed us to optimize our recruitment budget effectively.

Krati Parmar

People Operations Lead, WorkonGrid

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