How did Cyware Labs boost their candidate response by 80% using Instahyre?


Instahyre helped Cyware Labs to create a pool of passive candidates for future openings 54% positions closed using Instahyre for tech hires


  • Convincing candidates to join Cyware Labs
  • Engaging candidates to keep them connected for future openings


  • Candidate relevancy went up to 90%
  • Response rate from candidates went up to 80%

What recruiters say about Instahyre:

Instahyre addresses on time, which is really important. Because startups are fast paced environments, you have to act, and you have to act immediately. So they have understood it very well, I believe. Because whenever there is a need immediate help is actually coming up. Hence I wish Instahyre all the best.

Brawin Joshua

Principal Talent Acquisition Specialist at Cyware Labs

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