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<1 min | Posted on 05/01/2024

Talent Retention Playbook: Winning Strategies for Retaining High Performers

Reading Time: 2 minutes Explore effective strategies for retaining high performers and building a resilient, committed workforce.

Anvesha Singh

Vice President - Talent Management

Sarbojit Mallick

Co-founder & CBO
Reading Time: 2 minutes

“People leave managers, not companies.” – Marcus Buckingham

Navigating the complexities of talent retention in today’s business world requires more than traditional approaches; it demands a playbook that’s as dynamic as the workforce itself. In the realm of competitive corporate landscapes, understanding what keeps high performers engaged and committed is not just beneficial – it’s essential. This webinar delves into crafting winning strategies that blend innovative practices with core principles of motivation and engagement.

The Art of Retention

Retaining top talent goes beyond competitive salaries and perks. It involves a deeper understanding of what motivates and engages high-performing employees. This webinar will delve into:

  • The subtleties of what truly drives high performers in the modern workplace.
  • Strategies to create a compelling work environment that fosters loyalty and long-term commitment.
  • The role of leadership, culture, and personal growth in retaining top talent.
  • Innovative practices that go beyond traditional retention techniques.
Anvesha Singh

Vice President – Talent Management

With over fifteen years of experience spanning diverse industries, she’s a connoisseur in talent development, acquisition, and management. Anvesha’s passion lies in creating impactful talent solutions that drive organizational performance, culture, and growth. Her leadership in succession planning and development initiatives is closely aligned with business strategies and culture transformation goals.

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