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<1 min | Posted on 12/04/2024

Employee Well-Being and Productivity

Reading Time: 2 minutes Explore how top companies are enhancing employee well-being to boost productivity. Join us on Instahyre Roundtable for groundbreaking insights.

Rishi Kapoor

Vice President - Talent Acquisition & Staffing

Mahesh Kumar M

Senior Talent Partner
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Simon Sinek once said, ‘The way we treat our employees determines not just the quality of their lives but also the quality of their work.’ This insightful notion sets the stage for our upcoming episode of the Instahyre Roundtable.

In the dynamic arena of modern work environments, the focus on employee well-being has evolved beyond basic health benefits, increasingly intertwining with both productivity and organizational culture. The forthcoming session of Instahyre Roundtable promises a profound exploration into Employee Well-Being and Productivity.

Every Thursday, the talk show lights up the scene with fresh perspectives from internationally recognized HR and TA leaders. This episode zeros in on the cutting-edge methods companies are employing to enhance their well-being programs and the tangible effects on employee efficiency.

Studies affirm the strong link between strategic well-being initiatives and heightened work output.

Our conversation will navigate through several stimulating questions:

  • What characteristics define the well-being programs that are leading the way in today’s top organizations?
  • Which creative tactics are being integrated into daily work processes to promote these well-being programs?
  • In what ways are these initiatives influencing productivity figures?
  • What are the anticipated developments in employee health and productivity moving forward?

We invite you to join us as we delve into these critical issues with distinguished HR and TA professionals who are pioneers in setting industry benchmarks.

Meet the speakers

Rishi Kapoor

Vice President – Talent Acquisition & Staffing

Rishi brings over two decades of expertise in shaping talent acquisition landscapes. His strategic vision in staffing has been influenced by a broad experience across IT, ITES, and supply chain management sectors. Rishi is a staunch advocate for dynamic and inclusive hiring practices and is known for his ability to spearhead transformative projects in recruitment.

Mahesh Kumar

Senior Talent Partner

With a rich background in talent acquisition, Mahesh Kumar M has refined hiring frameworks and sourcing strategies across various global markets. Known for his innovative approaches to recruitment, Mahesh is dedicated to empowering teams and promoting data-driven decision-making in recruitment. His expertise is complemented by a passion for developing scalable recruitment solutions, which have significantly impacted hiring efficacy and team growth.

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