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<1 min | Posted on 03/11/2022

How to align candidates to your vision from Day 1?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Learn how to align candidates to your company value and vision to boost productivity, enhance effective communication.

Chhavi Saxena

Senior Manager - People & Culture

Aniket Nanjee

DGM - Talent Acquisition

Thangaraj Vinayagmoorthy

Vice President - Global Culture & Talent
Reading Time: 3 minutes

This webinar is best for:

  • Founders and C-level executives
  • HR and Business Decision-makers
  • HR and TA professionals

A demotivated team member can be the difference between a 1X venture and a 10X rocketship. If employees lose track of the goals and company’s vision, it can make a business go haywire and bulldozed by its competitors. How can you avoid such bad hires? It’s easy – enlighten them before they join your team. How to inculcate vision in all the candidates which you hire from day 1?

In this webinar, we have Alteryx, Slice and Porter HR leaders with their take on company vision, values and and the importance of aligning candidates. We will discuss how candidates can be aligned with company vision from day 1 with Thangaraj Vinayagmoorthy, Vice President – Global Culture & Talent at LeadSquared, Aniket Nanjee, DGM – Talent Acquisition at Porterand Chhavi Saxena, Senior Manager – People & Culture at Alteryx.

Things you’ll learn:

  • How to engage candidates through visual storytelling?
  • How the “wow factor” will help candidates follow your brand.
  • How to inculcate values before they log in to your organization?
  • How to communicate your culture and make job seekers/new joinees bond with your team?
Chhavi Saxena

Senior Manager – People & Culture

Chhavi is highly experienced in Human Resource Management, Training & Development, Statutory Compliance Regulation amongst others. She has led HR Departments from scratch, with experience in cross functional roles and helping in incubating research startups.

Aniket Nanjee

DGM – Talent Acquisition

Aniket is an experienced Talent Acquisition leader with a demonstrated history of working in the Ed-tech, Travel tech and Food tech industry. He is an HR professional with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) focused in HR from University of Wales, Cardiff.

Thangaraj Vinayagmoorthy

Vice President – Global Culture & Talent

Thangaraj is a top-level professional with a vast experience in HR/TA roles. He has worked as a crucial resource member in companies including Informatica, App Dynamics, Walmart Global Tech India and Uniphore and has helped these organizations recruit, scale and manage teams.

Sarbojit Mallick

Co-Founder and CBO, Instahyre

Sarbojit is co-founder at Instahyre. He leads the business and customer success teams at Instahyre, and helps hundreds of enterprise talent acquisition teams succeed in their recruitment goals by effectively utilizing the Instahyre platform.

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