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<1 min | Posted on 13/01/2023

Lessons from building the core team for scale

Reading Time: 3 minutes Learn how you can build core teams that help scale companies from 0 to 100 in the dynamic markets of today, build products that stand out and win.

Sunil Setlur

Chief People Officer

Sapna Sukumar

Head of Human Resources

Paramjeet Singh

Lead Talent Acquisition Partner
Reading Time: 3 minutes

This webinar is best for:

  • Founders and C-level executives
  • HR and Business Decision-makers
  • HR and TA professionals

When you start as a company, you have a tribe of 10 passionate people, as you scale up to 100 and 1000 and beyond, the real game starts. Scaling up is characterized by drastic changes in people and goals, organization structural,  policy changes etc. In the words of Ben Horowitz, scaling a company is like building a city from a village and a village from a tribe.

In this webinar, we have Gojek, Cashfree and PhonePe leaders with their take on building teams for scale, companionship and shaping growth. We will discuss Lessons from building the core team for scale with Sunil Setlur, Chief People Officer at Gojek, Sapna Sukumar, Head of Human Resources at Cashfree and Paramjeet Singh, Lead Talent Acquisition Partner at PhonePe.

Things you’ll learn:

  • How to build a Core team and its composition?
  • How to design aggressive expansion strategies in people acquisition for core teams?
  • How to scale a core team from a 1 to 100 organization?
Sunil Setlur

Chief People Officer at Gojek

Before joining Gojek, he led HR for Google’s Partnerships business in APAC. He was a Senior HR Business Partner with Amazon, where he led HR for groups spanning multiple functions and business lines. He started his career at Accenture and took on several roles during his time there.

Sapna Sukumar

Head of Human Resources at Cashfree

Sapna is a highly accomplished and dynamic HR professional. Before joining Cashfree, she led HR functions at Medlife, Simplilearn, Mindlogix and many other successful organizations. She was one of the founding members of Medlife which became one of India’s largest e-health platforms.

Paramjeet Singh

Lead Talent Acquisition Partner

A Graduate in engineering with a passion for recruitment is currently working at PhonePe. I have been recruiting people for technology roles across all levels. His domain of expertise is Startups, e-commerce, Online Advertisements, Gaming and Enterprise Application Development.

Sarbojit Mallick

Co-Founder and CBO, Instahyre

Sarbojit is co-founder at Instahyre. He leads the business and customer success teams at Instahyre, and helps hundreds of enterprise talent acquisition teams succeed in their recruitment goals by effectively utilizing the Instahyre platform.

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