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<1 min | Posted on 09/10/2023

How Skills Trump Pedigree in Modern-Day Recruitment

Reading Time: 2 minutes Redefining recruitment where skills lead the charge, outpacing tradition. Embrace the future where capability reigns supreme. Talent acquisition's exhilarating new chapter unfolds!

Pratyush Nandkeolyar

Senior Director - Talent Acquisition

Ravikanth Eranki

Talent Acquisition Lead
Reading Time: 2 minutes

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”Steve Jobs

In the evolving landscape of recruitment, where does passion intersect with profession? The upcoming Instahyre Roundtable on “How Skills Trump Pedigree in Modern-Day Recruitment” is set to explore this confluence. Our esteemed speakers, Ravikanth Eranki and Pratyush Nandkeolyar, bring with them decades of experience and an unparalleled passion for talent acquisition.

Ravikanth, with his two decades in recruitment, holds the belief that effective recruitment is the cornerstone of effective retention. His holistic and integrated approach to talent acquisition has been instrumental in shaping Cargill’s Global Inhouse, Shared Services center in India. Pratyush, as the Senior Director and Talent Acquisition Head at Brillio, leverages a blend of traditional and innovative sourcing techniques to bring onboard top talent. His mission aligns with Brillio’s vision, emphasizing the importance of a diverse, inclusive, and high-performing workforce.

Join us to dive deep into the nuances of recruitment, understand the shift from traditional qualifications to skill-centric approaches, and discover how passion and profession beautifully intertwine in the world of talent acquisition.

Pratyush Nandkeolyar

Senior Director – Talent Acquisition

Pratyush has over two decades in talent acquisition. A proponent of innovative sourcing techniques, he’s driven by Brillio’s global vision and is a passionate advocate for employer branding.

Ravikanth Eranki

Talent Acquisition Lead

With 20 years in recruitment, Ravikanth leads Cargill’s Talent Acquisition for their Global Inhouse Center in India. Emphasizing the bond between recruitment and retention, his strategies consistently shape industry benchmarks.

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