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<1 min | Posted on 06/09/2022

Good Leadership Fuels Great Company Culture

Reading Time: 2 minutes Learn how good leadership influences culture and builds high-performance teams that drive change and innovation.

Clive Rodriguez

Global Head - Talent Acquisition & HR

Jayshankar .M

Senior Director - Talent Acquisition, JAPAC
Reading Time: 2 minutes

This webinar is best for:

  • Founders and C-level executives
  • HR and Business Decision-makers
  • HR and TA professionals

Why do well-funded companies fail? Is it the product, team or idea? No. It’s the organisational culture. As technologies evolve to solve problems, teams’ performance becomes crucial for a company’s survival. Culture defines how team members interact, solve a problem and co-exist. A strong culture builds trust and brings self-improvement and behavioural changes amongst team members, leading to astonishing results.

In this webinar, we have Livspace, Blue Yonder and PayPal HR leaders with their take on culture, leadership and performance. We will discuss how good leadership influences culture and builds a high-performance outfit with Clive Rodrigues, Global Head – Talent Acquisition & HR at Livspace, Jayshankar M, Senior Director – Talent Acquisition JAPAC at Blue Yonder.

Things you’ll learn:

  • How culture influences performance and the secret of high output teams
  • How leaders can directly control the efficiency of team members
  • Why hiring for cultural fit is crucial in any organisation of any size
  • How culture can help companies go from zero to one
Clive Rodriguez​

Global Head – Talent Acquisition & HR​

Clive is a highly networked Human Resources professional with 10 years of experience in Talent Acquisition and HR; A wealth of experience in managing leadership/executive hiring, employer branding, and projects on process improvements within Talent Acquisition.

Jayshankar .M​

Senior Director – Talent Acquisition, JAPAC​

Jay is a growth oriented “Talent Acquisition Leader” with over 18+ years of experience in leading and executing Recruiting at scale in dynamic, fast-paced, and high-growth environments.

Sarbojit Mallick

Co-Founder and CBO, Instahyre

Sarbojit is co-founder at Instahyre. He leads the business and customer success teams at Instahyre, and helps hundreds of enterprise talent acquisition teams succeed in their recruitment goals by effectively utilizing the Instahyre platform.

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