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<1 min | Posted on 14/03/2024

Founders’ Exclusive: The Next Wave of Innovation in Workplaces

Reading Time: 4 minutes Talk about the future of work with startup founders leading the charge in workplace innovation. Don't miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve!

Nivedha Venkatesh

Founder in Residence

Thakur Rahul Singh


Akshay Sinha

Co-Founder & COO
Reading Time: 4 minutes

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Peter Drucker

In the ever-morphing world of work, where technology dances with culture, and employee aspirations lead the tango, we bring you a special founders’ edition episode that dives into ‘The Next Wave of Innovation in Workplaces.’ Join us as we journey with startup visionaries who are not just riding the wave but creating the tsunami of change in workplace dynamics.

Why Attend?

  • Unearth Insights: Gain invaluable insights from Akshay Sinha, Thakur Rahul Singh, Shyamal Kumar, and Nivedha Venkatesh, as they share their diverse experiences and unique perspectives on the future of work.
  • Tech Talk: Discover how artificial intelligence and data analytics are revolutionizing productivity and efficiency.
  • Workspace Reimagined: Learn about the transformation of physical workspaces to foster creativity and well-being.
  • Startup Challenges: Unpack the unique challenges and opportunities that startups face in today’s dynamic environment.
  • Career Navigation: Get practical advice on how to thrive in the startup ecosystem and make your mark.
  • Team Building: Understand what founders value in early team members and how to build a resilient and innovative team.

This session is a treasure trove for anyone intrigued by the alchemy of startups and the future of work. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a dreamer, or a doer, this is your compass to navigate the exciting world of tomorrow’s workplaces. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be part of the conversation that shapes the future. Join us and be the change!

Engage with the Future The panelists, each a beacon of innovation, will illuminate the path for aspiring startup professionals and seasoned entrepreneurs alike. They will dissect the DNA of successful startups, from fostering a culture of innovation to attracting top talent and scaling teams.

The Founders’ Insight Founders will delve into the essence of what it takes to be a part of a startup’s founding team. They will discuss the ideal traits, the skill sets required, and the journey from ideation to operation.

The Startup Culture Understand the unique culture and values of startups, and learn how to showcase your entrepreneurial spirit and problem-solving skills to position yourself for success in this vibrant landscape.

Join the Vanguard ‘The Next Wave of Innovation in Workplaces’ is more than a discussion; it’s a clarion call to those who dare to dream and do. Be part of this engaging and insightful exploration into the future of work and the role of startups in driving workplace innovation. The future is not just coming; it’s here, and it’s waiting for you to shape it.

Nivedha Venkatesh

Founder in Residence

With extensive experience at industry giants like Postman and Zapier, Nivedha has played a pivotal role in shaping technical solutions for diverse audiences. As a proponent of diversity and inclusion in tech, she dedicates her time to mentoring individuals from non-technical backgrounds, guiding them on their journey into the tech industry. Inspired by her father’s entrepreneurial journey, Nivedha is now embarking on her own path to build innovative products and cultivate async-first work environments.

Akshay Sinha

Co-founder & COO

Currently focused on building a DeFi liquidity management protocol, Akshay brings a wealth of experience in leading teams and executing complex projects. With a background in Mechanical Engineering from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, Akshay has traversed various domains, from digital transformation at Schlumberger to mathematical modeling as a freelancer on Upwork.

Thakur Rahul Singh


With a track record of spearheading successful ventures, Rahul brings extensive experience in building and scaling innovative platforms. As the former CEO of Winkl, Rahul played a pivotal role in developing India’s largest creator ecosystem, driving impactful collaborations between brands and influencers. Prior to his entrepreneurial journey, Rahul honed his skills at Flipkart and BooksOnHire, where he led initiatives that revolutionized the e-commerce and education sectors.

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