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<1 min | Posted on 04/10/2016

Jobs in Delhi: Top Startups Hiring In Delhi

Reading Time: 5 minutes All of which means that the rules of hiring have changed. Therefore, on the cue, we’re here to introduce you to...

Reading Time: 5 minutes

All of which means that the rules of hiring have changed. Therefore, on the cue, we’re here to introduce you to the players who are changing the hiring game. Let’s begin!

OYO Rooms

No other hotel brand has disrupted the budget travel sector like OYO Rooms. From starting out in 2013 with just one hotel, they’ve now expanded to 189 cities in India with more than 6,500 properties.

With their aim to “change the way people stay away from home”, OYO is making the hotel stay smooth and seamless. If you’ve booked a room through them, you know what we’re talking about. And all this credit goes to their amazing teams for developing and continuously improving their platform. From ratings, reviews, pricing and images to driving routes, OYO serves it customers with a fully packed application.

The team has also shown wonderful market leadership by recently launching Sunrise Check-in, breaking an age-old practice. Travelers can now check into their hotels as early as 6 AM. OYO has one of the top startup jobs  in Delhi right now.

Drop in here to work with one of the most awesome teams in the world.

Little Black Book

If you spend your whole weekend making weekend plans, you need some LBB in your life. Little Black Book is an app and web-based local discovery platform or simply, “your one stop for the best in food, lifestyle, and events in your city”. Moving past traditional listing and review websites, they’re disrupting digital media in travel by providing personalized recommendations from enthusiasts and casual outgoers alike.

Started in Delhi in 2012, they’ve now expanded operations to Bangalore and Mumbai. They aim to inspire people to step out and explore amazing locations in their city based on curated recommendations. So whether you’re an outdoor freak or a book-cafe nerd, LBB has got you covered. Their wide range of interests like shopping, culture, events etc plans to make your city excursions more exciting than ever!

With one of the top startup jobs in Delhi, LBB is looking for out of the box thinkers.


Rivigo is a logistics company which wants to build a more reliable and safer logistics network. They have a proprietary hardware platform, which they use to reduce driver fatigue,monitor the performance of its trucks and find the best traffic routes.

They also claim to provide unparalleled delivery times to their clients of 50-70% lower transit time using their unique driver-relay model. Using this model, they check if the drivers get too tired to drive. Which is when the drivers hand their truck off without interrupting Rivigo’s 24-hour route operations. They are focused on expanding technology and operations and are offering top startup jobs in Delhi.

Other game-changing services they provide to improve logistics are real-time vehicle visibility on a map, location of all the currently running vehicles, GPS logs of currently running vehicles and closed trips, real-time analytics, performance history of all the trips provided so far etc.

If you want to make an impact by disrupting the old and innovating the new, they’re hiring here.


A trip to the medical store is sure to burn a hole in your pocket. This becomes more difficult for the elderly who need routine checkups and medicines. To simplify this hassle and create transparency in medicine pricing, Prashant Tandon, Gaurav Agarwal and Vikas Chauhan founded 1mg in 2015.

1 mg is an e-commerce health-care company operating an online marketplace for medicines, besides facilitating medical appointments and diagnostic test bookings. According to their website, “With, you don’t just buy medicine online, but can also book an appointment with the best doctors nearby. Fast and free delivery of online ordered medicines at your doorstep is our driving motto.”

1mg ensures patient safety by only working with pharmacies where they can trace batch information about all medicines. Their platform allows users to look for alternative medicines for a prescribed one and save up to 70-80% on the medicine cost. With more than 5 million app download and more than 3 million unique monthly visitors, they’re well funded and hiring for top startup jobs in Delhi.

Want to work with them? Check them out here. Apply for jobs in Delhi!


POSist is a cloud-based point of sale (POS) for restaurants. They aim to help restaurateurs run their establishment remotely by completely automating it. Owners can create and print guest checks, manage staff members, send email alerts to customers, set up menu, customer database and more. They have grown from 10 restaurant customers in 2012 to around 2,000 restaurants now!

For the founders Ashish Tulsian and Sakshi Bhasin Tulsian, POSist started out as an idea to fix problems for their own restaurant. But when other restaurants started frequently enquiring about their product, they knew they had something solid.

Their main point of difference from earlier POS providers is the Cloud-based software based on SaaS model. This lowers the hardware costs significantly as their application doesn’t require heavy & expensive hardware to run on. In the future, they plan to focus on Big Data and Analytics so they can help small restaurants become as efficient as big chains like McDonalds.

They have top startup jobs in Delhi and looking to expand operations and continue improving their product. Look for them here. Apply for jobs in Delhi!

Fella Homes

Fella Homes is your new friend to find the best bed in town. Founded in 2015 by four IIT-Roorkee and Stanford alumni, Fella provides ready to move-in homes at an affordable rent to working professionals.

The renting process is totally hassle-free. To rent a fully furnished room, just visit their website and check out rooms depending on your preferences. In addition to a super-fast booking process, they charge zero brokerage fee, which means more cash in the wallet for those month-end dry spells.
They’re currently serving the NCR region but looking to launch operations in Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad as well. Which means they’re hiring for top startup jobs in Delhi-NCR region.

Find them here. Apply for jobs in Delhi!


At the risk of sounding too presumptuous, we’re going to assume you like facebook. After all, who doesn’t? And if that’s even a wee bit true, you’re going to love Roposo!

Roposo is a Gurgaon based startup famously dubbed as “facebook for fashion”. It is a social network where you can share your style, discover new trends and follow trendy people. Users can search and discover their unique style through trend stories, reviews, DIYs, and style inspirations. You can also shop new products and trends that are curated, personalized and updated every day from across 500 web stores and 5,000 brands.

Just this year, they celebrated their first birthday in style with the launch of men’s platform. Founded by three IIT Delhi alums, they like to call themselves a team of “beautiful” coders, fashion “geeks” and “mad ad-men”.

Offering one of the top startup jobs in Delhi NCR right now, you can apply here to enter the world of social fashion. Apply for jobs in Delhi!


Calling TrulyMadly a dating app would be an injustice. And if you’re really into titles then the closest you can come up with is “a matchmaking service”. Well, whatever the tag, they like to keep it classy by calling themselves “your virtual bestie who look to find someone who is in sync with you”.

The fact that women don’t feel safe talking to (and potentially meeting with) men who they don’t know via an online service drove TrulyMadly to design an India-centric matchmaking platform. Keeping India’s social and cultural nuances in mind, the platform uses trust-based scores to verify its users and focuses on compatibility quizzes and scoring than location. It has crossed 1 million downloads so far, and around a third of its users are female. They are also hiring for top startup jobs in Delhi.

Its co-founders include ex co-founders of MakeMyTrip and LetsBuy. Enter here to woo the hiring team at TrulyMadly. Apply for jobs in Delhi!

We just gave you the biggest job-pass ever given in the history of hiring with this extensive list of top startup jobs in delhi. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Cash in before someone else takes your chair in that cool office!

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