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<1 min | Posted on 05/02/2024

Top Hiring Trends for Recruiters in 2024

Reading Time: 2 minutes Embrace top trends in hiring for 2024! Remote work demand soars, focus on employer branding and tap into Gen Z talent pool.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Following trends can simplify your roadmap to success as you know what has worked in the past and what hasn’t. You can learn from the companies in a similar industry that have implemented a trend and judge the outcome. Several recruiting trends are expected to affect the recruitment process as we enter 2024. Let’s take a look at these trends and see how recruiters may use them to develop amazing teams.

Everyone is going remote, are you?

Remote work has evolved from a temporary solution to a persistent fixture in the workplace. Since its popularity boom in 2022, the demand for remote work has only grown, with an astounding 98% of people indicating a preference to work from home- as mentioned in Forbes. Recruiters must react to this revolutionary shift by offering flexible work arrangements in order to remain competitive in 2024. According to a survey by Flexjobs, 63% choose remote work as the most important aspect of their job, beating out salary (61%), flexible schedules (55%), work-life boundaries (54%), and having a good boss (48%). According to a survey conducted by Jobylon, 67% of candidates consider the availability of remote work as an important factor when choosing a job. Companies that allow employees to work from home are more likely to recruit and retain top talent.

Are you working on your social image?

Employer branding will take the stage in the competitive job market of 2024. Potential applicants examine not only job descriptions but also the company’s culture, beliefs, and dedication to employee well-being. Recruiters must deliberately present their organizations as locations that value the development and well-being of their employees. Even for smaller teams, building a positive employer brand is critical, since prospects anticipate their well-being to be a major concern in 2024. According to Jobylon, approximately 82% of employees would leave their current job for a company with an excellent reputation.

Explore the Gen Z City

The working dynamic is always changing, and employing Gen Z talent will be a strategic choice in 2024. Accepting the opinions of the newest generation of workers gives a breath of new ideas and creativity. Young talent must be aggressively sought out and integrated into organizations by recruiters. Here are some stats by Qureos that will convince you to hire Gen Z if you aren’t already:

  • Gen Z currently makes up 30% of the world’s population and is expected to account for 27% of the workforce by 2025.
  • According to McKinsey’s article on Gen Z in the working world, a staggering 77% of Gen Z respondents consider work-life balance crucial when considering job opportunities.

Companies that prioritize age and diversity will likely see a beneficial adjustment in their work culture and overall outcomes.

As recruiters prepare for the obstacles and opportunities of 2024, embracing remote work, improving corporate branding, and capitalizing on the potential of Generation Z will be essential tactics. Recruiters can construct dynamic and resilient teams that promote organizational success in the future by staying on top of current trends and modifying their techniques accordingly.

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