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<1 min | Posted on 01/05/2017

Star Recruiter of April 2017

Reading Time: 2 minutes There’s no job on the planet that’s as full of contrasts as the role of a recruiter. I’ll show you...

Reading Time: 2 minutes

There’s no job on the planet that’s as full of contrasts as the role of a recruiter. I’ll show you how.

First contrast  

While recruiting, the talent master not only requires a sharp, targeted reach, but also a knowledge of broad ranging candidate qualities such as culture fit, leadership qualities etc.
Big picture elements aim to align a candidate’s value systems, beliefs, and broad skills with that of a company’s, with as little friction as possible. They also include a company’s overall strategy towards approaching candidates.
So, to give you a visual, a recruiter dives into the sea to find the hidden gold at the bottom. But as she’s swimming down, she has to remember the time, the location of rescue ships, the direction of the shore, and so on.

Second contrast

On one hand she has to carry on her personal learning. At the same time, her role is such that she ends up being the mentor/trainer or at least a facilitator for employees.
So, while she has to cover up a good distance to reach her personal goals, she also has to show employees the right direction so the company reaches its precise goals. Course correction is also an added responsibility to her profile.

Third contrast

A recruiter with a knack for ‘thinking outside the box’ is any day preferred over its opposite. However, since a role in HR requires one to follow a lot of procedures, rules, compliances etc. a recruiter walks a pretty thin line here.
To balance these two drastically opposite ends and still strike a productive balance is nothing less than a feat in itself.
So, you get the point, right? – That the resilience, knowledge, and pure passion needed to finish such tasks will make a normal guy back out in a blink.
That’s why we celebrate the spirit of a star recruiter. It’s our way of telling them, “Yes, we understand the depth and breadth of your daily hard work. Yes, we see you battling contrasts and still deliver results and for that we admire you.”
So, to do just that in April, 2017, we’re announcing star recruiters of April today. And the award goes to…

‘Talent Magnet’ Award

Swati Thapa of ZAPR is the ‘Talent Magnet’ for April 2017 for attracting the most number of inbound applicants for ZAPR on Instahyre. With her expert knowledge of candidate needs, she ensured her job postings targeted and attracted top class relevant talent. Swati also employed Instahyre’s employer branding solutions to maintain an irresistible and crystal clear brand page for ZAPR. This gave candidates a glimpse of the company culture and values, thus appealing to genuinely interested candidates.
We congratualte Swati for her stellar knowledge of hiring and we look forward to crossing many other thresholds together with her team.

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