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<1 min | Posted on 03/05/2017

Professionalism in the Workplace: 8 ways to achieve it

Reading Time: 2 minutes Professionalism in the Workplace is being a reliable, respectful, and competent part of the workforce. To a large extent, your success or...

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Professionalism in the Workplace is being a reliable, respectful, and competent part of the workforce. To a large extent, your success or failure depends on your professional conduct in the office.
Yet reports suggest otherwise. A survey done by York College of Pennsylvania suggests that a staggering 49.1% employees succumb to excessive use of social media.
Other two major reasons for the drop in workplace professionalism were the inappropriate use of Internet (46.6%) and excessive usage of cell phones (46.4%) for personal purposes. Looks like technology is robbing you of professionalism big time.

Your each piece of work, whether, small or big, should constantly smell of excellence. But we’re never taught in schools on how to conduct professionally. So how do you become a “pro” and excel in the business environment?

Ways to achieve professionalism in the Workplace:

A few common traits reveal your level of professionalism at work. Some of them are:


I ensure I’m good at what I do – no matter the hard work. To remain competent, I constantly gain skills and knowledge that help me excel in my job. And this makes me and my work stand out.
FYI I wasn’t boasting, it’s just a quality I acquired after a hard spell in the industry – I hope you’ll try it too.


I ensure I fulfil an assigned task effectively and within the required time.

This is because I understand that in today’s society, trust is an issue. And any employee who exhibits trustworthiness will be considered a professional and reliable to the company.


You are your words. More so in a corporate backdrop. The more straightforward you are, the better honest your actions will seem.


Your principles of operations need to be consistent. If you’re punctual for a task, the whole office will know you as one. You should keep your values and honour your words. And ensure your behaviour is in line with your values, beliefs and principles.


Let’s start with respecting the confidentiality of your company’s important information. Also, treat your colleagues with respect in all your undertakings in the office.
Once earned, respect can take you places on the corporate ladder. And yet, it’s as easy to lose respect with one stupid or inconsiderate action.

Being Positive 

Remaining positive through any scenario is the ultimate test of a professional. Also, being positive gives you the power to steer the situation/conversation according to your wish. Win-win!


Never let your private life affect your performance at work. Similarly, don’t spend work hours attending to personal matters or free time thinking about your office work all the time.

Listening Carefully

I understand very well that my peers and my seniors want to be heard, so I give them a chance to explain their views properly. I am attentive the whole time someone talks to me and then give proper feedback.
If not for listening’s sake, do it because it’s a power move. You appear more professional and composed and experienced when you don’t pitch in your views every second in a conversation.


Honestly, professionalism at work comes with experience. You pick it up by observing the workplace and how others behave in the office.
And once you get it, it can translate into promotions, instant growth, less likelihood of being laid off, and being respected by peers and senior management. All in all, professionals enjoy perks at work that casual employees frequently miss out on. Don’t be that guy.
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