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<1 min | Posted on 01/10/2023

Product Spotlight: September

Reading Time: 4 minutes Unveiling September’s enhancements at Instahyre! As autumn descends with a promise of fresh beginnings, our updates echo the same sentiment. Breathe new life into your hiring processes with our latest features, to make your pipelines more intuitive and effortlessly manageable.

Reading Time: 4 minutes


Upload Candidate Profile Without Worrying – Secure & Confidential Candidate Profile Sharing

As a recruiter, your top concern when uploading a resume is whether it might get leaked or accessed by people outside your organization. At Instahyre, we value your confidentiality and promise to keep your data strictly accessible to you and your team members only.

  • Easily upload thousands of candidates’ profiles, which will only be accessible to you and your team members. Your privacy is more secure than ever on Instahyre. Other organizations, including Instahyre, can’t access your data.

Two-Way Interview Slot Availability For Faster Interview Booking

Most recruiters struggle with interview slot booking as there is no way to find convenient interview slots for both interviewer and candidate without recruiter intervention.

  • Reduce the to and fro with the candidate and have two-way slot availability with our magic scheduling option so that the candidate can match their suitable interview slot without any recruiter intervention. 
  • Candidates can also reschedule the interview with the magic scheduler in case of a clash in slots. This avoids coordination hassles and speeds up the hiring process.

Easily Filter Out Tech and Non-Tech Jobs for Your Hiring Needs

The requirements for hiring a recruiter vary depending on the circumstances.  At times, recruiters want to see jobs based on tech/non-tech type to filter out candidates. To simplify the navigation of the jobs page for direct employers, a new filter for job type (tech/non-tech) has been added.

  • For seeing jobs based on tech and non-tech types. Go to the Jobs page and select the filter “by job type” on the left-hand side panel. This specifically filters out the tech and non-tech jobs for ease of hiring.

Sync Your Calendars On Instahyre And Avoid Interview Booking Errors

Disconnected recruiter calendars lead to interview scheduling errors and multiple follow-ups with the candidate. Avoid all these mishaps and sync your calendars timely to have a smooth hiring process.

  • If a scheduling link is manually added to an email, it cannot be used until disconnected participants reconnect their calendars.
  • If a link has already been sent as part of an email template or automated action, the candidate can access it, but the available slots will not consider the disconnected recruiters’ calendars. So update your calendars while making interview slot bookings to avoid any hassles.

Interactive Candidate Pipeline Through A Kanban Board

Most recruiters struggle to manage multiple pipelines as many ATSes do not support Kanban View, while others do not support List View altogether. We at Instahyre understand the recruiter’s need to see a candidate pipeline with both a Kanban view and a list view approach. 

  • With Instahyre ATS, get hawk-eye visuals of your candidate pipeline through Kanban Board.
  • You can quickly switch back to list view and decide how to see your candidate pipeline. Easily move multiple candidates across several stages using our quick-drop functionality to reduce time and effort.

Advanced Profile Sharing To Power Up Your TA Team

Recruiters share candidate profiles with their team members in large quantities. Sending these profiles via email is ineffective, as sifting through thousands of emails can be tedious. Since hiring is a team effort, a single platform that facilitates sharing profiles is important.

  • With Instahyre ATS, easily access all candidate profiles on one dashboard, ensuring that no one on your team misses out on top talent. 
  • Share profiles with registered and unregistered users to make hiring decisions together and save time in finding the best talent for your organization.

That’s a wrap on our September updates. Watch this space for new functionalities, updates, and an enhanced platform next month.

Happy Instahyring!

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