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<1 min | Posted on 05/09/2023

Product Spotlight: August

Reading Time: 3 minutes This August showered updates at Instahyre. Just as the monsoon relieves the scorching heat, our updates will do the same for your hiring hassles. Revive your hiring life cycle with our new features and make your pipelines more intuitive and a breeze to manage.

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Specify “any/all” in language requirements

Include multi-lingual candidates in your team

  • Edit your job listings and specify whether your ideal candidate should have “any” or “all” of the languages you require.
  • Get matching candidates quickly in no time.
  • Improve diversity and inclusion by hiring candidates speaking multiple languages. This option is also available in the Refine Talent section.

Instantly save changes in interview stages

Hassle-free interview stage editing in a click

  • Eliminate confusion and multiple clicks to navigate to the bottom of the page to save your changes.
  • Easier interview stage management by editing the stages once, reducing the time and effort spent.
  • Our interface becomes more intuitive and user-friendly with only a ‘Cancel’ button at the bottom.

The “Require Evaluations” option for Assessment Stages

Automated reminders for timely evaluations

  • This update helps remind the recruiter to evaluate an assessment and reduces the time taken to close a position.
  • Automated reminders will be sent until it is done the evaluator has assessed the stage.
  • Customize your assessment stages like the interview stages and gain better flexibility over your hiring processes.

Customize the sender of Automated Stage emails

Increased collaboration between team members

  • For automated actions, an email can be sent from the team member who moves the candidate to this stage instead of a fixed team member. 
  • This allows multiple recruiters who are collaborating for the job to engage with the candidate.

Power up candidate sourcing with Chrome Extension

No – manual candidate uploading 

  • Use our extension to extract and export all candidate information in one click.
  • Expand your talent pool exponentially by sourcing from various platforms like LinkedIn, Naukri, Github, and more.
  • Easily import all candidate information, including emails, contact details, work experience, and other relevant data, in a few seconds. 

Fast-forward screening process with InstaScreen

Candidate screening in a few clicks

  • Assess candidate qualifications quickly with automated pre-screening questionnaires.
  • Create questions that disqualify candidates who don’t meet hiring criteria.
  • Qualified candidates move forward in the hiring process. Keep your candidate pool filled with the most engaged individuals.

Introducing Fair Evaluations

First-ever platform to offer unbiased candidate evaluations

  • Give each candidate a fair chance by enabling Fair evaluations. Don’t get influenced by each other’s opinions.
  • Candidate scores remain hidden until team members review the candidate first, keeping the whole process equitable.
  • Automated reminder alerts are also sent to evaluators until they submit their candidate evaluation. 

We’ve listened to your feedback and honed our platform to be more user-friendly and adaptable to your unique needs. These product updates are a way forward towards better serving you. Stay tuned for our September Updates.

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