Jobs in Pune: Top Startups Hiring In Pune in 2021

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Bangalore’s claim to be the startup capital of India is challenged by Mumbai and Delhi, Hyderabad’s startup culture is silently flourishing.

Yet, only a handful of people talk about Pune when they talk about startups. That’s the reason why we’re out with a new list to introduce top startups in Pune. Some of them you already know, and some you are about to. So, if you’re looking for top startup jobs in Pune, get ready to be blown away by some of the brightest minds solving pretty intricate problems of our times.


agrostar top startup jobs in pune instahyre

From calling a cab to ordering a burger, you can get anything on a tap. Each day we hear about disruptions in every industry from fintech to foodtech. However, one of the biggest segments where tech can disrupt and possibly transform lives – but hasn’t yet – is agritech. Don’t you think it’s time that the same tech changed the lives of farmers? Hasn’t our tech evolved enough to change the way our not-so-tech-friendly farmers do business?

That’s the exact idea behind Agrostar. A “direct-to-farmer” m-commerce platform, AgroStar enables farmers to procure an entire range of agricultural goods by simply giving a missed call on the company’s number. Farmers can buy seeds, nutrients, crop protection, as well as hardware products from its platform.

They have generated strong traction on the platform and have lifted $4.0 Mn funding in Series A by IDG Ventures. Right now AgroStar is building its core tech team to define, design and develop all aspects of its m-commerce platform.

For all of you looking for top startup jobs in Pune, this is a great opportunity. Don’t miss out on becoming a part of the team that will architect the disruption in agriculture through tech. You can apply here to become a part of Agrostar.


wingify top startup jobs in pune instahyre

Wingify is one of the most successful enterprise software makers in India. If your work involves anything to do with your own or your company’s website, you’ll understand what I’m about to tell you.

Wingify makes tools which are a marketer’s best friend. Their flagship product, Visual Website Optimizer (VWO), is a market leading tool that helps marketers increase sales and conversions on their websites using a variety of techniques such as A/B testing, behavioural targeting, heatmaps, usability testing, etc.

In simpler words, VWO helps test websites by tracking how visitors interact with the website and shows them targeted offers among other things. Which means you can show only those products to your customers which they actually need. This highly specific targeting translates into more conversions i.e. more sales.

They recently started Wingify Labs in Pune, where they’re building multiple new products in the consumer, SaaS and hardware spaces. They recently also launched PushCrew, which lets websites send push notifications to their subscribers’ Chrome & Firefox browsers. Interested yet? To score one of the top startup jobs in Pune, you can apply here for Wingify’s Pune office.


mindtickle top startup jobs in pune instahyre

For all the marketing tools out there built to provide readiness to marketers, there are less than half the tools that provide the same thing for sales guys. Mindtickle wants to address that deficit.

MindTickle is a readiness platform which connects learning with business results. It’s a SaaS platform where you can share pitches, presentation decks, and product updates with your team members in real time. This helps your company to keep the sales reps up to date on the latest product features, objection handling and customer success stories.

The platform also combines learning best practices such as micro-learning, social learning, gamification, and mobile etc., with a data-driven approach to make the sales and customer success departments more productive.

They have received $14.3M funding in 2 rounds from 4 marquee investors. Some of their clients include Olacabs, Nutanix, Cloudera, AppDynamics, and Qualtrics. And they’re just starting out. To extensively expand their customer base, they’re currently hiring innovative tech rockstars. Join them now and get one of the top startup jobs in Pune. You can find them here.

Citrus Pay

citrus pay top startup jobs in pune instahyre

We’re pretty sure you’ve already heard of Citrus Pay by now. If you haven’t, you’re living under a rock. Citrus Pay is the most recent rockstar of Indian startups with stellar exits. Recently they got acquired for Rs 860 crores, making it one of the biggest exit of the year.

The idea behind Citrus is very simple. It enables digital payments from any device, any location in the most straightforward method. Merchants get a state of the art payment infrastructure which works on all devices. To further sweeten the deal, Citrus Pay has partnered with almost all the major banks to remove all hassle.

Consumers, that is you, get even a better deal. You get express checkout without bothering about the violation of your account’s security, all in a jiffy. To put it in perspective, Citrus Pay provides both – a payment gateway as well as a mobile wallet. Talk about making life easier.

Team Citrus consists of passionate and experienced people whose vision is to change the world of consumer payments in India. That’s what makes a job at Citrus Pay one of the top startup jobs in Pune. To work with this revolutionary team, apply here.

Screen Magic

screenmagic top startup jobs in pune instahyre

How much time do you spend on your smartphone daily? Out of that time, how much do you spend on messaging apps?
Some recent reports suggest that you spend roughly 40% of your time spent on your smartphone on messaging apps. And that makes perfect sense. What with all the replies and cute gifs and more.

With their website claiming ‘Messaging is the new conversation’, Screen Magic wants to leverage this exact power of the messaging apps.
Screen Magic is the creator of SMS-Magic Application on SFDC platform and InTxtr – Android App for SMS. If you are Salesforce Customer, SMS-Magic app lets you interact with your contacts/leads using SMS. It’s a plug and play application on, that provides the capability to send/receive SMS notifications on CRM thereby boosting customer service and marketing efforts.

They are a young, energetic team grounded in the principles of open culture. If you are looking for top startup jobs in Pune, we highly recommend you swing by here to check them out.

We promise you that you don’t want to miss out on these gems here. From exciting salaries to delicious perks, they have it all for their employees. Go on take a look at the best startup job opportunities in PuneNot from Pune? No problem. We have top startup jobs for you in every major city. Check them all out here.]]>