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So, keeping in tradition with our top startup Jobs in Hyderabad series, we now present to you some of the best startups in India hiring for their Hyderabad offices. Not the city you’re looking for? Don’t worry. We already covered startup jobs for you in Delhi, Bengaluru and Mumbai  as well.


amazon top startup jobs in hyderabad instahyre

This fortune 100 company offers everything under the sun and quite literally so. From napkins to cloud infrastructure, they’ve always been lauded for providing assorted variety as well as flawless services. For a company of their stature, you’d think that they’ll tap India’s untouched markets sooner.

But not Amazon. They like to do things slowly but surely. Amazon’s entry into India was late. Exactly 6 years late to get the first mover advantage (Amazon entered India in 2013, while Flipkart started operations in 2007). In spite of the late start, it amazingly has the second largest market share now.

Logically, Amazon should be the one to play catch up, being a late entrant. But it’s not. Instead, it constantly keeps its competition on their toes. It keeps them exhausted from all the catching up they have to do to match Amazon. If you wonder how it does that, here’s a newsflash. Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO, recently pledged to invest another $3 billion in Amazon India, bringing the total investment to $5 billion.

Amazon is so big and well known that talking about career prospects or Jobs in Hyderabad at Amazon almost seems silly. You know what it takes to work with one of the most innovative companies in the world. So, if you’re looking for top startup jobs in Hyderabad, look no further. They’re hiring experimental problem solvers here.

Capillary Technologies

capillary top startup jobs in hyderabad instahyre

Capillary Technologies is a SaaS based CRM platform powered by cloud technology. It was founded by three IIT-KGP alumni Krishna Mehra, Aneesh Reddy and Ajay Modani in 2008. Eight years later, this Bengaluru-based omni-channel engagement and commerce platform has presence in 12 locations across Southeast Asia, eastern Europe, Middle East and China.

Capillary started with one product but now they have some ten plus offerings. Their flagship product, InTouch, is completely compatible with clients’ existing point-of-sale (POS) systems, so there is absolutely no up-front capital expenditure. Retailers pay per month, per POS, and start seeing good ROI in two to three months.

One of the pioneers of Indian startups, Capillary has raise $78.5 M in funding till date. The team calls itself a passionate tribe with a hunger for innovation. With over 200 employees on the payroll, Capillary is still hungry for more raw talent. Look here to work with them and get top startups jobs in Hyderabad.


simility startup jobs in hyderabad instahyre

With technology disrupting every industry and sophistication reaching new high, frauds and thefts should ideally hit a new bottom. But we forget that the fraudsters are usually smarter or at the least as smart as the good guys.

That’s where Simility comes in. Simility is an end-to-end anomaly detection platform that companies use to prevent fraud and bad behaviour on their products. This includes a device fingerprinting service, a machine learning system and a intuitive workbench for analysis and writing manual rules.
Along with that, Simility also introduces ‘Simility Fraud Prevention Platform’ across the globe that processes millions of transactions a day. It combines advanced machine learning and data visualization technology with a customizable rules engine to reduce fraud.

The company was founded by Rahul Pangam (ex-Google Director), Kedar Samant (ex-Google Engineering Manager) and Uttam Phalnikar (ex-Jive Architect) in 2014. They’ve secured $7.2 M in funding from big backers like Accel Partners and Trinity Ventures. They’re hiring super passionate folks for top startup jobs in Hyderabad here.


zenoti startup jobs in hyderabad instahyre

For all you weekly spa regulars, here’s a stupefying figure – Global wellness industry is a ginormous $3.7 trillion market. And unlike most industries, it’s been slow to adopt tech innovations.

This is exactly (and very smartly) where Zenoti comes in. Founded in 2010, Zenoti is a cloud based platform that provides services like appointment bookings, billing, inventory management, custom reporting and targeted marketing for the entire spa and wellness industry.

They’ve raised $21M from bigwigs like Norwest and Accel. Well, if you serve 5,000 customers in 32 countries, that kind of money is bound to be coming your way. So, if you want to be a part of a truly diverse team, they got top startup jobs in Hyderabad for you here.


papertrails startup jobs in hyderabad instahyre

These guys are really on a world changing mission. By world changing if you imagine a big explosive idea, then you’re wrong on so many levels. Each idea, no matter how small, that improves the daily life of even a single person, changes the world in its own way.

PaperTrails is a whole new ballgame in the segment of utility apps. This app allows parents to track their kids’ school bus. Or you can use it to monitor the movement of your whole employee fleet. No more looking out the window in anticipation. You can see the real time vehicle movement and plan accordingly.

PaperTrails is just starting out and looking to hire people who can learn the ropes quickly. Check one of the top startup jobs in Hyderabad here.

D. E. Shaw
d e shaw startup jobs in hyderabad instahyre

The last firm on this list is the biggest of them all. You’ve probably heard about them too. In case you didn’t, D.E. Shaw is the world’s fourth-largest hedge fund, famous for its quantitative trading. David Shaw started the firm in 1988 which remained a relatively small outfit in the 1990s.

From the start, Shaw had a reputation for being really choosy when it came to hiring people. He offered jobs to only a handful of interviewing candidates who had backgrounds in science or statistics than finance. It was a kind of magnet for gifted mathematicians, computer scientists and engineers who helped build a pioneering financial firm dedicated to quantitative trading.

Fun fact – Jeff Bezos, the CEO of the Amazon (scroll up, we mentioned him before) was a VP at D.E. Shaw before starting Amazon.
Want to work here? Apply here for one of the top startup jobs in Hyderabad.

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