How to Identify a Bad Boss (and 4 ways to deal with the jerk!)

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to have strong leaders with principles we need to identify and either re-train or eliminate the bad bosses. There are plenty of bad boss archetypes in the industry. Let’s meet some of them and advice on reforming and keeping up with their flaws.

Types of Bad Bosses

  1. The claim jumper.
  2. The bully.
  3. The micromanager.
  4. The workaholic.
  5. The unrealistic boss

Qualities of bad bossesbad boss

I’ll quickly explain the qualities that make above-listed categories a nightmare – so you know what to look out for. Good luck if your boss has more than one of these ‘awesome’ qualities.

  1. The claim jumper is the type that will never mentor or train his/her employees. They view their subordinates as their competitors and mess up the culture. They will take credit for the project that you struggled to prepare and ask for status updates every little chance they get.
  2. The bully bosses have gained enough skills to enable them to figure out who they need to coerce to get ahead of the job and how to do it. They have a strong craving for power and are not afraid of using hideous means as long as they get what they want. They do not care about anyone that gets hurt in their quest for power.
  3. Micromanagers are driven by their desire to control everyone. They will intentionally make themselves a sort of bottleneck in order to maintain a certain control. They think they know best and are not very welcoming to new ideas. Thus, their skills depreciate over time. Insecurities start checking in and they resort to getting too involved in your working activities in order to cope with the fears of missing their own jobs.
  4. Workaholics are the type that will call at 11 pm on a Saturday night and expect you to deal with unfinished work businesses on the spot. They expect employees to constantly give to their jobs not keeping in mind that they may burn out quickly. In other circumstances, it leads to depression after a considerable amount of time in the employee’s life.
  5. Unrealistic bosses are ambitious and challenge their employees to set high and unrealistically lofty goals. But they won’t give you the guidance or resources needed to accomplish those ideas. Lofty targets are fine only when you know the way to the top floor.

How to Identify a Bad Bossbad boss

A few tricks and observations can help you identify a bad boss.

  1. They are inflexible to new ideas; their point of view on any subject is the only way of tackling the issue.
  2. They lack empathy for their subordinates; they will make decisions without caring if they will impact the employees negatively, primarily for their own selfish gains.
  3. They do not have smart goal setting capabilities; their goals are immeasurable and unrealistic.
  4. They do not make an effort and do not have time for their employees. The office is just another stop they check in for 10 minutes. They do not conduct random office checks or spare some time to have a little chat with subordinates to find out what is affecting them.

How to Handle a Bad Boss?

  1. We should not be intimidated by a bully; they derive their power from those who respond by exhibiting cowardice. You should keep your head held up high and not give them any ability to push you around, they will eventually try elsewhere for their power kick.
  2. Try to understand why they do certain things. When you clearly get what drives your boss, you can frame opinions and device ways that will align with his/her core concerns.
  3. Learn their preferences and observe their behaviours. This will go a long way in helping you match your style to his/hers when communicating, and he will be willing to really hear what you’re saying.
  4. If it gets too much, don’t be hasty in ditching your bad boss behind (although in some rare cases that’s the best thing to do). Plan your way into another company before you throw the resignation letter in your boss’s face.

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