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<1 min | Posted on 19/04/2017

How to Expand Job Search and Nail the Perfect Role in 2021?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Expand Job Search to get your dream job. India, one of the largest countries in Asia is also the most...

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Expand Job Search to get your dream job.

India, one of the largest countries in Asia is also the most populous democracy in the world. A big chunk of this 1.2 billion + population lives scattered throughout the country. However, for most, the first step of the job search is flocking to metro cities like Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai.

The problem? Most of them stop after taking the first step.

Currently, India has 486.6 million employees, making it the world’s second-largest labor force after the Chinese. Most of them are employed in the Service sector, Industrial sector and the Agricultural sector.

But landing a job in India is an uphill task for job seekers without you expand job search . The existing infrastructure simply doesn’t have the capacity to absorb country’s huge labour force.
So obviously, you need extra flair to snatch a job from the competition. Your job hunt needs you to go an extra mile to prove your talents and skills. And it starts with finding creative ways to search for jobs where you have the maximum chance of getting hired.

So, here are the best ways fresh graduates can use to expand job search in India today.

Job Search Through Personal Connections And Networking

One of the best ways to land a job in India as a fresh graduate probably with no first-hand experience is through networking and approaching personal contacts for assistance. You should utilise personal contacts such as your relatives, friends, college professors etc.

Join a hobby club, attend industry events from your preferred domain, or go to fests (e.g. literary fest for journalism students). People there have vital links to existing open positions at multiple companies, talk to them. You never know if Human Resource officers are there hunting for enthusiastic candidates.

This method proves best because employers feel comfortable when a known person is recommending you.

This is first way to Expand Job Search.

Seeking Jobs on Social Channels And Job Platforms

Social media and job platforms are the best tools if you can’t get a job via personal connections. But landing a good job isn’t as easy as just uploading resume and browsing job ads. To become a pro at online job search, you need to know which platforms offer the best job profiles and companies in your preferred industry.

Not to brag here, but we’ve nailed the art of tech hiring to a level that companies like Amazon and Uber trust us to hire best engineers. And now, we’ve started to bring our learnings and expertise to non-tech hiring. Ok, that was a brag. Still, check us out for jobs that you can’t find elsewhere. This is one way to Expand Job Search

Job Searching Through The Print Media

The print media is the basics of the job search. We may think print media is dying, but sometimes, most of us miss out on the gold that’s hidden in the newspapers.
Go back to the roots and dive into job ads sections of dailies like Indian Express, Times of India and The Hindu. Do it every day. And because a lot of folks aren’t searching jobs through papers, you could be among the first ones to discover open positions and apply.

Searching For Jobs Through The Human Resource Offices

In several occasions, a company may have open positions that are internally advertised within the firm or company and do not necessarily require labor force from outside. This means that if you are a fresh graduate working as an intern in the firm, you can make your job search pretty easy. Simply approach the human resource officer for consideration for the position. 

Most fresh graduates in India who use this method get the job because they were smart enough to ask. They also quickly rise from a junior position to managerial roles. You can use this way to Expand Job Search.


Above-listed methods will help you in a thorough job search and to Expand Job Search.. Actually, one of the biggest reason candidates can’t get a job is because they don’t know where to search for it. That’s also why many companies are not able to fill critical roles. Thus, revising your basics may give you a fresh perspective on your job search.

And here’s the final and the most basic mantra to land a job quickly and to Expand Job Search.- move out of your comfort zone as often as you can, and stay there.

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