How to Improve Offer to Joining Ratio and Offer Acceptance in 2022

Offer to joining ratio is an important metric to measure the efficiency of your hiring process. PayPal, Harness, and Meesho got the best talent to say yes to their offers – learn how!


The prime aims of this white paper are reducing offer rejection & improving offer-to-joining ratio. Both processes integrate into each other like a feedback loop

Focus Sections of the White Paper

  • A Brief Example: How Airtel reduced offer rejection from 80% to 26% in 3 years
  • What goes on in candidates’ minds when they reject offers?
  • 10 Major factors that influence candidates’ decisions to reject (or accept) your offer
  • How to deliver perfect personalized candidate experiences

What our Talent Acquisition Expert says:

We do all these exercises to build a connection, relationship, rapport; we are getting the candidate involved in the journey. And if the candidate gets rejected in any round, we ensure that we call and tell the candidate that unfortunately they are not cleared, and we give the reasoning behind it.

So there’s many candidates who come back after three or six months, reappear for that round, and clear it. Many candidates who declined our offer joined somewhere else, but within three days, came back to us and we have onboarded them. So we have done quite a bit of these exercises predominantly to build relationships, and that really helps

Chandrashekar G

Talent Acquisition Manager @Harness