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<1 min | Posted on 14/01/2024

Design Thinking in Talent Engagement: Innovative Approaches for Modern Workforces

Reading Time: < 1 minute Unlock innovative talent engagement strategies with design thinking insights for modern HR practices.

Divya Amarnath

Senior Director and Head of HR New Businesses

Navin Patel

Global TA Head
Reading Time: < 1 minute

In a world where traditional talent engagement strategies no longer suffice, the application of design thinking to HR practices is revolutionizing how we approach workforce engagement and management.

Redefining Talent Engagement

This webinar brings together Navin Patel, Global TA Head at, and Divya Amarnath, Head of HR at Flipkart, to explore innovative ways to apply design thinking in talent engagement. They will share insights into how this creative approach can lead to more effective, employee-centric solutions in the modern workplace.

What You’ll Discover

  • Insights into how design thinking principles can transform talent engagement strategies.
  • Techniques to foster a culture of innovation and creativity in HR practices.
  • Case studies demonstrating the successful application of design thinking in talent management.

Join us as we delve into how design thinking is shaping the future of talent engagement, offering fresh perspectives to HR professionals and leaders.

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