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<1 min | Posted on 28/07/2016

Your Interview Process is Important To Hire Right

Reading Time: 3 minutes Just walking into the interview room with no plan whatsoever is a waste of time for both, you and the candidate. Thus it is very important to have a plan beforehand in order to make the interview highly effective and to hire the right candidate.

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Being an HR and a recruiter yourself, nobody knows better than you that interview and hiring process requires a lot of time and effort. Hiring is just not the job of HR or the recruiter, it should involve senior management, founding members and even team members at times. For a job that touches so many aspects and is key to the company’s success, interviews should be given more respect than it actually gets.

Just walking into the interview room with no plan whatsoever is a waste of time for both, you and the candidate. This not only is ineffective but plays a major role in employer branding, and could make or break your company’s image when the candidate goes out.

Let us help you figure out a way to maximize the hiring efficiency so that you make the best hire while being time efficient.

Divide the entire hiring process into a 3 step process –

Define the hire

This is necessary so that the recruiter and the hiring managers are on the same page. Defining the kind of hire you want to make can help you in avoiding miscommunication and confusion in the future. This not only includes the designation and skills, but also the department, role, and your expectations from the candidate in 1 year.

Define parameters to evaluate the candidate

Evaluation is the next step where you can start with : 

  • Basic requirements like location, or previous company structure.
  • Deciding the necessary skills, technical or non-technical
  • Based on above, decide further parameters for evaluation such as communication skills, autonomy, decision making etc.
  • Define one or two key parameters which hold more weightage than others in order to see if candidate has those “success drivers” beneficial for the company

Define Interview Process

This is the step which most of the people directly skip to. So, now is the time to design your interview process. There is no hard and fast rule to follow here, as it varies from company to company but below is a general framework which might prove useful –

a)   Screening

  • Recruiter Screening
    Here the recruiter screens out the obviously not-fit candidates. e.g. ones who don’t meet your location or education preference
  • Hiring Manager Screening
    This is generally done over a phone call, where the hiring manager can get a sense of the candidate, whether or not he/she is aligned with the job role. It also helps them get a hold of their past job experience.

b)   Skill Test

Not followed by everybody, but a lot of people send over a basic skill test before the in-person interview. This generally help the managers see the approach of the candidate towards a problem statement.

c)   Interview

In-person interview can be conducted in various ways. To ensure the candidate is right for the job, make sure :

  • Candidate is a culture fit
  • Candidate is a team player
  • Candidate is not committing resume fraud

d)   One-on-one with hiring manager

This is where the candidate as well as hiring manager will evaluate each other. Hiring Manager needs to be really open about the management style and expectations. Create an atmosphere where candidate is comfortable enough to talk about his/her expectation from the company as well.

If you think putting so much of thought into the hiring process is creating a lot of work, trust us, it is actually the opposite. Basic structure remains same for all your hiring processes, all that changes is the final interview step. Create a proper structure for your hiring process and you will just breeze through the entire hiring and interview process.

Instahyre is not just a software as a service company. We add value to your hiring process and help you become a 10x recruiter!

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