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<1 min | Posted on 22/02/2017

Top 5 Tech Startups Hiring Best Developers This Week

Reading Time: 4 minutes But wait! There are still some revolutionaries solving problems of the future with heavy tech. These startups are the silent...

Reading Time: 4 minutes

But wait! There are still some revolutionaries solving problems of the future with heavy tech. These startups are the silent pioneers who believe in building extraordinary products than creating massive hype. Get ready to meet 5 of such superheroes who not only rule in India but are becoming a familiar name overseas too.
Here are the top 5 tech startups hiring best developers this week.


Do you love playing mobile games? Yes? Then I’m pretty sure you hate the in-game adverts that pop out every few seconds breaking your streak or your flow.
And the folks at GreedyGame are just like you. They love playing awesome games but hate the interrupting banners and popups that set off without warning. So, they decided to do something about it.
GreedyGame is an advertising platform for mobile games and apps with a twist. Instead of embedding stupid popups in your favourite game, they improve your experience by placing the ads intelligently and intuitively. These native ads live inside your game in objects like a billboard, coins, characters and so on.
As a result, the game and ads seamlessly merge together and you stay right on your quest. Obviously, it’s a win-win for publishers and advertisers as well. Brands who want to advertise can select games or objects where they want to put their ad so it is in sync with the content of the game. As a testimony to their product, GreedyGame currently has big names like Unilever, ITC, Pepsico, Fastrack and more as clients.
What’s more, the startup’s bank account is also flush with the $0.2 Mn Seed round raised from TLabs and Right now, they’re hiring gaming geeks who want to get their hands dirty and solve unique problems in the multimillion dollar gaming industry. Look for a job opportunity at one of the top 5 tech startups hiring rockstars here.
Their tech stack: Python, Django, Android, iOS, AngularJS, MySQL, MongoDB, AWS.


Do you spend more time testing web apps than building them? BrowserStack founders suffered from this issue too. They asked around and unsurprisingly, most of their peers faced it tas well. So they did what any engineer worth their salt does when facing problems. They simply built a solution.
BrowserStack is an online cross-browser testing product, which provides a cloud platform for developers, testers and designers to test their web applications. Their main focus building the platform was on usability and reliability so their customers spend less time testing and more time building.
Ritesh Arora and Nakul Aggarwal founded Browserstack in august 2011. Since then, the startup acquired a user base of 1.2 million members. Sweet huh! Better yet, their paying customers include big names like Microsoft, jQuery, Airbnb, Citrix, Wikipedia and MIT.
As if that was not enough chip on their shoulders, they’re self-funded. Yes folks, and in addition to that, the startup is profitable raking in $10 Mil + revenue. As of now, this one of the top 5 tech startups is hiring tech wizards to ease the life of other techies here.
Their tech stack: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Selenium, CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript.


When you combine commerce, big data, SaaS, and product intelligence, what you get is Indix.
Basically, Indix is a product intelligence platform that tracks over 800 million products on various websites. Then, it collects, structures, and cleans that information to produce an impressive product database. This database the startup calls Cloud Catalog.
Why do they do this you ask? Because they want to merge this information into apps. And let everyone who wants to do the same with their own apps as well. Why again? Because just like Maps app accesses your location or Twitter can recognise people, the future apps are going to be product aware. Businesses can build such apps with help from Indix’s APIs for products, prices, promotions, stores and more. In a nutshell, Indix is looking to the future by making a gigantic database of products that’s easily searchable so third party developers can build product-aware apps.
Founded in 2012, this startup has been making some serious waves and raised a funding of about $31 million. They’re also looking to expand their team at their Chennai and Bangalore offices. If you’re one for not taking no for an answer and live for challenges, they’re looking for people just like you. One of the top 5 tech startups hiring this week, you can hop in here to look for them.
Their tech stack: Java, Ruby, Scala, Groovy, Hadoop, HBase, MongoDB, MySQL, and Non-Relational Platforms.


Another company big on Big Data and Cloud on this list is Qubole. Qubole is a startup that provides big-data-as-a-service platform built on AWS, Microsoft and Google Clouds.
Qubole was started by Ashish Thusoo and Joydeep Sen Sarma with an impressive goal. The goal was to provide self-service data access to the users while also leaving room for quick speed and massive scale. Interestingly, Qubole’s founding team also built and ran Facebook’s Data Service when they authored Apache Hive.
The platform simply removes the logistics and headaches associated with hardware when dealing with massive data. Instead, you can analyze and process data at scale in the cloud itself. The startup counts developers, business analysts and data scientists among others as their users.
Qubole has India offices in Bangalore and has drawn amazing employees from bigwigs like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Amazon and LinkedIn. Until now, they’ve raised $50 million from investors, such as Lightspeed Ventures, IVP and Norwest Venture Partners. Get a job with this one of the top 5 tech startups right here.
Their tech stack: Java, C#, C/C++, Python, Hadoop, and SparkHive.


In simple words, Unbxd is a startup providing product discovery software to e-commerce companies.
In depth, the startup provides e-commerce firms with search, navigation, product recommendations, merchandising and analytics solutions. For e-com websites that means a targeted, relevant product showcase for its customers. And that results in a great experience for users and better conversions for e-commerce stores.
To deliver an impressive search experience, their software uses highly optimised and geographically distributed cloud infrastructure. This helps Unbxd provide a search experience on e-commerce websites that can be as good as Google.
Currently, their team is an eclectic mix of tech enthusiasts from various backgrounds. Ranging from UI experts to application engineers, they boast of an elite workforce. If you like building high performing scalable products, you’ll love working at Unbxd. Drop by here, to get a job at an awesome top 5 tech startups hiring this week.
Their tech stack: Java, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, Ember.js, Machine Learning, and Big Data.

Looking for more startups hiring this year? Check out over coverage of last week’s five startups here. And if you still want more, dive right away into our blog for a healthy dose of startup jobs. Or you could just register and let awesome companies reach out to you. Your choice!

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