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<1 min | Posted on 04/01/2017

Resume For Freshers: How to Write a Resume With No Work Experience

Reading Time: 3 minutes Congratulations on your graduation! Resume for Freshers is important! All you have to show for are your experiences, internships (maybe?), skills,...

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Congratulations on your graduation!

Resume for Freshers is important!

All you have to show for are your experiences, internships (maybe?), skills, and a die-hard commitment to work in any condition. After all, recruiters and interviewers will judge you on those grounds only.

And there’s only one way to show that – your resume. Look at it this way: For someone who knows nothing about your college degree or your career objectives, can they easily pinpoint what you’re looking for in a job within 30 seconds?

So, how can a resume for freshers make sure they get called for an interview by a potential employer?

Well, here are a few actionable tips that make a resume for freshers shine among the rest.

Structure your resume

Your resume tells your life story. And every great story has 3 parts: a beginning, a middle, and an end.

The Beginning – It contains your name, contact details, email, and an address. You should also include a clear career objective (more on it below).
The Middle – It contains: Your educational details, relevant college coursework, project details, achievements, leadership activities, and relevant skills.
The End – Include your work experience (if any), and your interests and hobbies.
Note: Don’t put things like “listening to music” and “surfing the web” as hobbies. Anyone can do that. List the ones that show commitment. For instance, if you mention painting as a hobby, make sure your Resume For Freshers contains some experience in an arts club or something similar.

A clear career objective

You won’t believe how many recruiters don’t even look at this section. Why? Because almost everyone copy-pastes the same generic career objective in their resumes. Especially freshers. To make a crisp, clear, and easily readable objective, follow these:

  • Make it personal – Highlight those character and personality traits that make you the right fit for the role
  • Focus on value – Give a glimpse of how you can prove valuable to your employer

Sample Career Objective: “Highly motivated Journalism graduate seeking job opportunities in advertising or news industry. Interested in leveraging writing skills and graphic design experience to positively contribute to your company’s [or role’s] objectives, while gaining valuable experience.”

Academic Projects

Expand your academics as much as you can. Include GPA, academic awards, publications, clubs you took part in, and athletics. And as soon as you’re done with educational details and relevant college coursework, mention all your academic projects. In the absence of relevant job experience, this is where a resume for freshers can stand out.

Was it a group project? That’s a great chance to show leadership qualities. Did it include you building things from scratch? Great! You are self motivated and can take initiative. Also, don’t forget to format your Resume For Freshers to highlight this section. Make the recruiter understand that you should be assessed on these experiences.
Side projects
Mentioning side projects are the best way to overpower any other resume that a recruiter may compare you to. If you’re a computer science student and you worked on your little app during the holidays, you should provide a link to the Github profile that contains your code.

Relevant Skills

Since you can’t mention relevant work-experience, this is the spot to show your prowess. However, don’t mention any irrelevant skills. For instance, cross off your social media mastery from the resume if you’re applying for a core engineering job.

A resume for freshers also has the advantage of mentioning transferrable skills. Your Resume For Freshers holds great value if it shows you can apply knowledge and skills gathered from a totally unrelated experience to your current project.

Include an experience section

Have you done any volunteering work? Or an unpaid job at some family business? Mention each bit of work experience, doesn’t matter paid or unpaid. You can include experience that you gained through volunteering or managing odd jobs.

For example: You may include your work with one of your friend’s initiative to increase awareness of women’s rights. Or if you were the secretary of the painting club, mention that and include what you accomplished. A resume for freshers has this unique upper hand in mentioning small but nontrivial experiences that help recruiters notice your sense of responsibility.

Getting a job for the first time is tough. Especially if you don’t know the rules of the game. Just remember to act as a professional until you are one. And as parting bonus tips to create a stellar resume for freshers, we’ll leave you with these – proofread your resume repeatedly, research the company extensively, and include a cover letter.  

Happy job hunting!
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