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<1 min | Posted on 21/03/2018

Instahyre Awards: The Recruiters Who Got Exceptional Results in February 2018

Reading Time: 2 minutes Finding the right candidates is critical when you are a recruiter because it is your job to make sure that...

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Finding the right candidates is critical when you are a recruiter because it is your job to make sure that the company has the best manpower to get things done. It takes a lot of time to screen resumes and select the right people for the company.
Recruiting involves a lot of hard work and a keen eye for details. And this month’s Start Recruiters managed to drive an exceptional number of candidates on their job postings & were able to identify the best talent in the industry.
So here we present the Instahyre Award for the Star Recruiters of the Month (February 2018).

Talent Magnet – February 2018

We are extremely happy to announce Sunanda Sahu as the Star Recruiter of February 2018.
Sunanda works as a Technical Acquisition Specialist at Groupon and has a rich experience of nearly 5 years in recruiting top-tier talent for Cyber Security, Risk Services & Cloud Computing.
Prior to Groupon, she has worked hiring for global tech giants – Wipro & Oracle as a Talent Acquisition Specialist & Sourcing Specialist respectively.
Her expertise lies in identifying the right candidates for the right roles and is currently looking for Engineers at Groupon.
Sunanda was able to attract a maximum number of candidates using her perfectly crafted content and hence getting rewarded with our monthly award.
Here’s the Award we presented her with:

Check out the roles Sunanda is hiring for at Groupon, here!

Talent Sniper – February 2018

The Monthly star recruiter award “Talent Sniper” goes to Suresh AVL who works as a Recruiter at Amazon.
Being Social Media Talent Acquisition Specialist, Suresh takes a dynamic & result oriented approach to finding candidates and to understand their value to his company. He has an experience of over 10 years as a Recruiter for technical roles.
Prior to Amazon, he worked for Talent Acquisition at Exponential. He has an excellent experience working directly with global BU Heads and Technology Leaders, helping them in various stages of the recruitment cycle.
He managed to reach out to a maximum number of candidates using his expert Sourcing & Screening skills on the Instahyre platform. Hence, finding talent like a Sniper.
Here is the award Suresh was presented with:

Suresh even took care of the employer branding profile of his company on Instahyre.
We congratulate Sunanda & Suresh for their award-winning efforts and hope to see them find great talent on the Instahyre platform!]]>

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