5 Hottest Startups Hiring in India in 2017

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So how can you get a job at top startups when you can’t even find one? Easy. You check out our weekly post where we compile the hottest startups hiring that week. Like this one. 
If you’re looking for other lists of startups hiring this year, it’s at the end of this article. Now, let’s focus on the best startups looking for you right now!

Flipkart5 Hottest Startups Hiring in India in 2017 flipkart

Who hasn’t heard of Flipkart? Seriously, who hasn’t! Even if you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last 9 years, a Flipkart delivery guy must have paid your rock a visit.
One of the pioneers of ecommerce in India, Flipkart is also an early builder of India startup ecosystem of India. The company is currently 33,000 people strong and has 45 million registered users clocking over 10 million daily visits.
Considering Flipkart is the biggest online marketplace in India by market cap, it’s no surprise talented candidates are always looking to snag a job there. In return, the company offerings have got its employees all covered. They proudly proclaim that ‘you are at the centre of all their policies’. Can’t get a better workplace than that, huh!
Currently, Flipkart is the highest valued unicorn in India. And right now they’re the hottest startups hiring innovators to work in different fields of technology. Be it Big Data, Information Retrieval, Online Marketing, Mobile or Search, you’ll surely find your spot at Flipkart.
Drop in here to see jobs at Flipkart here.

Myntra5 Hottest Startups Hiring in India in 2017 myntra

Another giant of online shopping on this list of hottest startups hiring in India is Myntra. Bringing the fashion and lifestyle shopping to the online world, a bunch of IIT/IIM grads started Myntra in 2007. Interestingly, Flipkart recently acquired Myntra in 2014.
Currently, the tech team at Myntra is building a hassle-free shopping experience for the largest e-commerce fashion store. To achieve this, they are working on some interesting tech areas right now. Areas such as building massive-scale mobile and web-applications, engaging UI, big-data analytics, mobile apps, content systems, catalog systems, search systems, supply chain systems, imaging and visualization systems for products etc.
If you like working with a small team and creating big ripples with your work, this is the company for you. A job role at Myntra will give you the freedom the shape products that impact millions of people. Another perk of a job with a top startup in India like Myntra is the vast exposure to all parts of an ecommerce platform.
Want a job at one of the hottest startups hiring in India? Check their jobs in here.

Go-Jek5 Hottest Startups Hiring in India in 2017 gojek

Go-Jek has an interesting history. Nadiem Makarim started Go-Jek as a bike taxi in Indonesia in 2010. But then the company went through a sleeper mode until mid 2014 – when investors suddenly started taking interest in Go-Jek. And after finally raising $550.0 Mn in Series A last year, Go-Jek became a force to be reckoned with.
Go-Jek is the first unicorn to come out of Indonesia, where ojek means a motorcycle taxi. Presently, it’s the largest consumer technology company in Indonesia. While it started as a bike-taxi service, the company now provides multiple services like Go-Car, Go-Mart, Go-Food, Go-Send, and even Go-Massage.
Nadiem Makarim, the founder who also happens to be an HBS alum, is presently the CEO of Go-Jek. And the company is currently hiring folks with insatiable hunger for learning and excellence. Think you can be one of them?
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Instamojo5 Hottest Startups Hiring in India in 2017 instamojo

Instamojo is a payment solution for solopreneurs, freelancers, and small businesses. An early stage startup, Instamojo takes pride on the ease of use of their platform. It makes receiving payments for your services or a products as easy as sharing a link. Literally.
Instamojo was founded in 2012 and now serves thousands of freelancers, artists, tutors and many more. Their platform provides powerful capabilities like analytics, payment processing, security, CRM etc. to make life easy for businesses. What’s more, they even help you create your own online store in minutes.
One of the hottest startups in Bangalore, they are backed by the likes of Kalaari Capital and Blume Ventures. Currently, they’re looking for super talented folks to build a product that solves real world problems. Think this is your thing?
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Mettl5 Hottest Startups Hiring in India in 2017 mettl

Mettl is an online talent assessment platform. It provides multi-competency tests to companies for hiring and training employees. Among their offerings, they count simulation based tests, automatic invigilation for remote testing scenarios, real time analytics and much more.
What’s more, they count big names like InMobi and Optimizely among their customers. Founded in 2010, Mettl provides web-based cutting edge technology in ed-tech space. Emerging as one of the hottest startups this year, Mettl is hiring for exceptional prblem solvers and original thinkers. Look for them here.
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