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<1 min | Posted on 18/02/2017

Get a Job at Any Company You Want With These 3 Painless Tips

Reading Time: 3 minutes You see, most top notch companies want to hire people with well-rounded personalities. That means whatever your talent suite is, a little...

Reading Time: 3 minutes

You see, most top notch companies want to hire people with well-rounded personalities. That means whatever your talent suite is, a little cross domain knowledge helps you get above the rest.

At this point, most people ask, “Well, I’m great at what I do, what do I need other skills for?”

Well, the tips listed in this article are so basic yet so powerful that having them in your arsenal will drastically improve your chances to get a job at any company. Especially the startups and small companies which thrive on growth focused candidates who can don multiple hats.
Here are those 3 simple tips that will help you get a job at any company you desire.

Tip #1: Polish your sales skills (even if you’re not a sales guy)

Selling is essentially an art. And a pretty handy tool for every occasion. In fact, you may not realise it, but you sell things all the time. Products, ideas, promises, even yourself (hello interviews?).

Therefore, once you master selling you can accomplish things you didn’t even think possible.

Want to convince your boss of your new idea? Try approaching him like a salesman closes a customer. Want to impress the interviewer? Try crafting gripping stories about that one time you helped solve a big business problem.

Further, selling is not only limited to interviews or to get a job. Sometimes you need to sell your image to make new contacts or simply impress a hotshot influencer who can help you get that new contract. Yes, I’m talking about networking of course. A good salesman is also a great networker. He can weave narratives that not only gets him what he wants but also leave the other person satisfied.   

Tip#2: Have a USP other than your core skill

Are you a coder that knows something about design? Sales guy with a thing for writing copy? Or you’re an operations pro with a knack for public speaking?
Chances are, you’ll get a job pretty quickly and climb the ranks even faster.

You see, in today’s world proficiency in one skill is not enough. You need to be able to learn across multiple disciplines and then combine them to create solutions no one thought of before. Actually, that’s where new ideas and creativity come from.

A famous example of this is Elon Musk.
That’s why startups desperately need such people. If you have a USP other than your core work, you become a unicorn candidate for them and they’ll hire you in a heartbeat.

The reason is, as an employee at a startup, your tasks are not fixed. For instance, you may be asked to create a recruitment ad while you’re writing code for your new homepage design.

Another reason is – employers also benefit by giving you the job. If you produce more than you cost, it’s basic economics that they’ll want to keep you on the job.

And finally, learning things outside your domain not only increase your chances to get a job, but also prepare you for uncertain times when your skills are no longer needed in the industry.   

Tip#3 Become an Expert Writer

No, I’m not telling you to top Salman Rushdie. An expert writer in this sense means that you’re able to put your thoughts into exact words you want. I’d say that seems like the minimum requirement to get a job in your dream company.

Have you ever tried writing before? Ever felt you can’t quite put into words the exact thing you’re feeling or seeing so clearly in your head? So, you see what I’m talking about?

We take writing for granted. But be it business or tech, writing is one of the biggest assets to have. Every founder, innovator, leader and pioneer has stressed upon the importance of writing.

Once you get a hold of writing, your career paths expand a lot. Seriously. Some careers like copywriting and content writing actually thrive on this skill alone.

Words have power. And if you can tame that power, you can get a job at any company you want. For instance, you can master the perfect keywords in your resume. Also, you’ll quickly know how to highlight skills, qualifications, or specific sections on your resume while everyone else is wasting a week to create their resume.

And it doesn’t stop there. Imagine writing the perfect sales email that lands you a huge client. Or just a blog about your coding routine that becomes a hit because your beautiful writing struck a chord with the readers. In the end, if you can make people feel something with your words, you can ask them for anything. And that’s a great power to have.  


Learning these skills is not rocket science. With only a little daily practice, you can master these skills and improve your odds of getting a job in your company of choice. After all, you’ll become the master of your trade and jack of the rest.

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