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<1 min | Posted on 07/01/2017

5 Skills for Resume which can help you get your dream job in 2021

Reading Time: 3 minutes It’s no secret that you should tweak your resume for every job application. You can reorder or expand details for...

Reading Time: 3 minutes

It’s no secret that you should tweak your resume for every job application. You can reorder or expand details for past jobs, Skills for Resume, results, awards etc. depending on the job role. However, there are some universal Skills for Resume that instantly grab eyeballs of an employer.

These Skills for Resume are different from your technical and domain-specific skills. And every employer expects to see them on your resume. More than that, they want to see proof. That’s what gets you an interview call.

So, what are these Skills for Resume that make sure your resume isn’t sitting at the bottom of a pile when it should be in the “final candidates” section?

Problem-Solving Skills for Resume

Problem-solving is probably the most important skill to have in business, and in life. Your future employer knows this too. After all, they’ll hire you to do exactly that – solve business problems. That’s why your resume must contain your problem-solving Skills for Resume, experiences and results.

To put examples of problem-solving skills on your resume, look back to your past challenges. Include pointers in your resume showing how you analysed, evaluated and finally solved a problem. And then be ready to back it up in interviews with a detailed breakdown of your problem-solving process.

Research Skills

If we had to pick, we’re pretty sure research will make it to the top 3 skills. Research skills show an employer that you can dig into the deepest corners to find a solution. Of course, employers don’t expect you to be an all knowing mastermind. But they do expect you to know some principal Skills for Resume.

Actually, solving most of the difficult problems depends as much on research as on your technical Skills for Resume. Whether your boss gives you a task you have no idea about, or if you’re stuck at a dead end in a project, having excellent research skills put you in command. Highlighting research skills on your resume shows that you can pull your own weight whatever be the issue. And that makes you a highly productive asset to any company.

Negotiation Skills

Negotiation is just not for sales people. In fact, it’s a skill of great leaders. Whether it’s signing a new deal or handling employees, negotiation is a common denominator for leaders one way or the other. Which means, having brilliant negotiation skills is loosely connected to leadership skills as well.

Obviously, we’re not missing the fact that effective negotiation skills in itself are a powerful tool. You can persuade clients, pull off difficult conversations with colleagues, and convince your boss of your ideas. That’s why negotiation skills on your resume rank highly for employers.


Your ability to adapt as the business climate changes is paramount. And employers want to know if you can. If fifty different tasks are thrown at you, how do you prioritise? Can you work in a swiftly changing environment? Are you comfortable working with teams of all sizes?

Yes? Great!
In your resume, write about your experiences where you handled multiple workloads simultaneously. Show how you balanced them without affecting the end result. Anticipating challenges and adapting with them are pretty striking skills on your resume.

Communication Skills

We take communication skills pretty casually. After all, we write emails and talk to our colleagues or friends daily. And perhaps because it’s so common, developing powerful communication skills proves tough for us.
But here’s the thing – communication is actually one of the top priorities for employers. There are examples of talented candidates who were turned down just because of bad communication skills. Therefore, be it verbal or written, master the art of effective communication. And strongly highlight it in your resume. You may not realise it but communication is one of the top influential skills on a resume.


Nailing the art of resume writing requires practice. And understanding what employers look for in resumes. So, while you possibly have many skills to show, choose wisely. Not every strength you have needs to be put in as skills on your resume. Once you’ve figured it out, grabbing eyeballs with your resume is a cakewalk for you. And when you’re done polishing your resume, drop in here – we have some exciting jobs waiting for you.
Best of luck!

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