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<1 min | Posted on 16/05/2017

5 Powerful Time Management Tips for Employees

Reading Time: 4 minutes Why is time management tips such a big deal that we read a piece on it every week?I’ll tell you why. Because we’re...

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Why is time management tips such a big deal that we read a piece on it every week?
I’ll tell you why.

Because we’re always looking for a ‘brilliant new hack’ that’ll finally help us manage our time. We hope that by clicking on each new headline, we’ll get to know about a new time-saving productivity tool, habit, or practice the author just uncovered.

But almost always, you’re disappointed finishing an article which has a catchy new title, but same old tips with a different makeover.

Why? Because managing time is like any other habit. You acquire it by practicing according to a well thought out plan.

Whether it’s your office, or your after hours, the principles remain the same. If anything, you need a grip on fundamentals of time-management.
So, let’s start with the foundation of controlling time. Make sure you practice these fundamentals enough so you don’t wonder ‘where did your time go’, as the clock strikes 5 pm everyday.

Organize your Goals- Time Management Tips

Being organised is must when it comes to time management.

Professionalism is key to completing your task smoothly and faster, rather than just rushing and doing everything all at once. It is more effective especially when you have tons of work to do.

You will no longer need to squeeze in multiple tasks at a time or forget or miss important stuff. All you have to do is list your to-do tasks in a memo pad – or perhaps any clean paper will do- then put designated time or minutes at each task.

Hover over each of them and make sure to double check in cased you missed some. Don’t forget to insert a break for even just a few minutes! Doing this takes a lot of patience but it will surely save you tons of unmanaged hours!

Put Important Things First, Don’t Fear Procrastinating Less Important Tasks

Eating the Frog –

“If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. And if it’s your job to eat two frogs, it’s best to eat the biggest one first.” -Mark Twain

Determine which tasks are more important and finish them first.

In line with scheduling your tasks for an effective time management, you should know which task must be prioritized.
Perhaps choose projects which require lots of effort and time over the ones which you know can be handled in a little amount of time. However, never EVER disregard a task just to complete another one.

Rather, distribute your effort to each job accordingly so that you will never miss out on anything. Easily handled jobs can also be done while you’re waiting for something, or when you are taking a long break.

Also, know which tasks must be accomplished first before jumping into a new one which is as equally hard as the former. 
Thoroughly examine each of your work to do and pick which ones you can handle. Leave those you’re having difficulty with for a later hour after work – and explain to your boss why it couldn’t be completed.

Achieve the Flow

Flow or hyperfocus is a mental state when you intensely focus on only the work at hand.
Also, learn to say “no” to all possible distractions – your mobile phone, social media, magazine, people, etc.

Your razor sharp brain should only concentrate on your current work. However, don’t push yourself too hard. Take a nap or just rest for a while in the office if you need to. Just make sure that you don’t completely lose your mind in finishing the official task.

Give yourself a pep talk on how to maintain your concentration. Thus, your time management plan will not be put to waste.

Put Yourself Into The Task

YesAnd not just a ‘maybe’ commitment, devote to your assignments fully and willingly.
Dedicate all resources to your work. Plus, believe you can do this task.

Believing you can accomplish something actually energizes you and pushes you towards the end.

Actually, people who can’t manage time and give up in the middle of an assignment have a simple reason for it – they can’t see the end.
Said differently, people who drop a task in between can’t visualize themselves finishing it.

If you’re motivated by fear or loss, think of all the planning, efforts, time, energy, and resources that’ll waste if you drop your task in the middle. Push through, sailor!

Relax. Breathe.

Taking deep breaths instead of finishing your work seems like hocus-pocus when you’re stressed out.
I know how ridiculous it sounds when your boss is fired up without mercy.

However, deep breaths really calm and relax your mind and can help you complete your task thoroughly.
There’s no point in rushing and cramming if eventually, you’ll end up with lower quality, disappointing results.

As what they say, “work smart, not hard”. Since you have your time management schedules worked out, there’s no need in worrying except finishing your task!
Sure, a few minutes break will set you back. But when you look at the bigger picture, the calm and the regained focus will actually produce twice the output as before. That’s a big hike!

Well, that was the final tip for managing your time efficiently in the workplace. Your goal is to find a relaxed body, a calm mind, and productive surroundings. Find these 3 at the same time, your assignments will turn into accomplishments so fast, you’ll finish your office work before the day even finishes.

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