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<1 min | Posted on 07/02/2017

5 Exciting Startups With Fresh Job Openings This Week – Startup Jobs

Reading Time: 4 minutes You know what’s more important than getting a job? Landing the right job. But between irrelevant job openings and fake startup jobs...

Reading Time: 4 minutes

You know what’s more important than getting a job? Landing the right job.

But between irrelevant job openings and fake startup jobs spamming your inbox, how do you decide which one to apply for? What criteria do you use to zero in on a startup that will be great for your career?

Thankfully, we’ve relieved the burden for you. In our pursuit to bring the best companies and startups to you, we handpick each week the hottest startups with a ton of job openings. And right now they’re looking to hire awesome folks like you.

So go on, scroll down, read about what makes these startups the best places to work at, and choose a startup jobs that is made for you.


How do you like the long drives to the airport to drop your annoying relatives? On top of that, say, you don’t have a permanent driver. Owning a car can be a nuisance sometimes isn’t it?

Well, for such situations DriveU comes to the rescue. DriveU is the first app aggregator for drivers in India. Through their app, you can hire an on-demand driver in a single tap. They only provide trusted and verified drivers so your journey is safe and smooth wherever you go. They have some really cool startup jobs for you.

Calling themselves a bunch of animal lovers, geeks, and foodies, the team is dedicated to providing a personalized, comfortable experience to their customers. With multiple startup jobs openings that you can check here, they’re hiring creative geniuses with a knack for solving interesting problems.


Guess the time it takes sunlight to reach the earth? Exactly!

8Minutes is a solar energy provider working to transform the alternative energy space. Started by Dev Arora, Anuj Gupta, and Arjun, 8minutes helps homes and businesses save money by switching to the cleaner, affordable solar energy.

How does it work? Well, when you first call them, they ask you your geo-location and last year’s electricity bill. Then they prepare an energy savings report for your place based on your location and your energy needs. After that, you can easily pick the solar rooftop you want to purchase. All this is done while you’re sitting at home. Incredible right! They have some really cool startup jobs for you.

As of now, they provide solar rooftops for commercial and residential areas as well as financing options. Their dream is to make solar in next 5 years what semiconductor industry was in the 1980s. Want to work with a visionary team making a real impact on how we fundamentally view energy? You can apply here to view their startup jobs openings.


Do you know what a bounded rationality is? It’s the idea that human rationality is bounded by the amount of information, time and the brain’s ability to process that information.

But when you enter machines into this equation, processing the data becomes a cakewalk. Better yet, making decisions based on that data becomes easy as pie. And that’s exactly what Innoplexus is doing. They have some really cool startup jobs for you.

Innoplexus is a consulting-led technology and product development company focused on big data and analytics. Co-founded by IIT-B alums Gunjan Bhardwaj and Gaurav Tripathi in 2011, the company counts Data-as-a-Service (DaaS), Continuous analytics as a service engine, and Data and analytics-driven consulting among its offerings.

Innoplex is one of the rare startups that’s actually creating proprietary intellectual property. If you’re a data whiz, a job at Innoplexus is what you want. Check out their startup jobs openings here.


NinjaCart is an agri-marketing platform which connects retailers and merchants directly to the farmers. Cutting out the commission agents and auction agents in mandis, it provides an efficient price discovery platform and supply chain for the producers.

There are a number of benefits for both farmers and merchants alike. For once, farmers don’t need to haggle to get a fair price for their produce. At the same time, merchants can also expect fresh, quick delivery of the fruits and vegetables.

NinjaCart is disrupting the age-old supply chain by using data-driven supply chain. They also have a world class infrastructure with automation for distribution, ultimately lowering the wastage of produce. They have some really cool startup jobs for you.

Showing impressive growth, NinjaCart boasts of 4238 farmers on their platform and 18239 tons of veg and fruits delivered. No wonder they’ve landed $3.0 Mn in Series A by Accel Partners, Qualcomm Ventures, and M&S Partners.

To build their impressive vision, NinjaCart is hiring creative thinkers to solve one of the biggest issues in India with technology. Drop in here to apply for their startup jobs openings here.


Creating social media posts and advertisements is exhausting when you don’t know a thing about photoshop. And if you’re a small business with no budget to hire a photoshop expert, the frustration is unending.

Now meet your new best friend, OrangeTwig. The platform creates visually compelling graphics for your marketing campaigns that instantly engage your customers. Counting small businesses who sell products on e-commerce sellers as their clients, they take pride in the simplicity of their platform.

OrangeTwig also gives you full automation for all your social media ads or discount deals or simply your wall posts. The best part – you don’t need any technical or design skills to amaze your customers with your ads. They have some really cool startup jobs for you.

Working on a freemium model, OrangeTwig currently has 18,000+ customers on board. Right now, they’re shooting for high growth and looking to hire the best of the Imagineers out there. Think you’re one of them? Knock here to visit their job openings.

That’s it for this week guys. We’ll see you with more amazing job openings and awesome startups next week. And if you need more, here’s a city wise list for more startups with multiple job openings for you – DelhiMumbaiBangalorePune, and Hyderabad.

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