How India Inc Increased Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace


The more diverse and inclusive any organization becomes, the easier it becomes to retain the best talent. A diverse work environment that champions inclusivity fosters innovation, creates compelling products, attracts positive attention, and delivers above-average revenues and profits. Diversity and inclusion keep the ship steady in tough economic situations. The challenge lies in achieving diversity in the team and inclusion in the collective decision making processes.


This white paper deepens recruiters’ understanding of how Diversity & Inclusion (D & I) can be beneficial for their company, and gives examples about the best practices of building a diverse & inclusive workforce that brings all the benefits into play and boosts the business’s bottom line.

Succinctly, the 2 prime aims of this white paper are:

  1. Explaining the super-criticality of D & I in the current corporate context in India
  2. Suggesting the most efficient steps to instil beneficial D & I culture in Indian companies

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