How to Increase Work From Home Productivity in the New Normal

WFH is a critical part and parcel of the new normal. Learn how modern companies like Y Media Labs and Equinix are embracing and enhancing work from home productivity.


The main goals of this white paper are:

  • Enhancing communication, coordination, and collaboration in a virtual work setting
  • Leveraging artificial intelligence to enable businesses to embrace the future of WFH

Focus Sections of the White Paper

  • Future of Work: Improving WFH Productivity With Artificial Intelligence
  • How COVID-19 (Positively) Impacted Corporate Remote Work Policies
  • Why WFH & Remote Workforces are the Future of Corporate Culture
  • How Tech Enhances Work From Home & Remote Work Productivity

What our Talent Acquisition Expert says:

Flexibility is important today. If we hire a person for a particular assignment, and after three months, they feel that they can do much better in another domain or assignment, we give them 15 days to shift them to that assignment where the person themselves believes that they can do a great job. And that’s giving us a great result! The more fluid you are in giving flexibility to your new hires to move between various assignments and related domains , the more it pays off.

Vijay Arcot

Director Talent Acquisition @YML