The one move that became the Game Changer for SplashLearn's Recruitment


Instahyre helped Splashlearn to increase the shortlist rate by 70% and reduce the hiring time by 30%


About SplashLearn:
Living by the motto of ‘The most engaging learning experience’, SplashLearn is a favourite of over 40 million students worldwide. Founded in the year 2010, SplashLearn is a flagship product of StudyPad, focused on helping students from K-5 study maths through a highly engaging and personalized platform. SplashLearn has bagged several awards and has been a featured application on the Apple App Store multiple times.


  • Finding relevant candidates for job profile was frustrating
  • Sourcing & engaging candidates was extremely time consuming


  • Shortlist rate improved to 70% with high quality candidates
  • Time taken to close a position reduced by 30%

What recruiters say about Instahyre:

I have seen that the platform is constantly evolving and every month I do notice something new that increases the efficiency.

Usha Yadav

Recruiter, SplashLearn

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