🚀 The Future of AI In Recruitment: Man vs Machine? Live with Reliance, Dunzo and Delhivery

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Future of Recruitment

Recruitment has been revolutionized by technology, communities and communication in the last few years. In this E-Book, we find out what the future of recruitment looks like in the next ten years.


Though AI, ML, NLP and other technologies will emerge and evolve, the human part of recruitment will always be there and will become stronger. AI and ML can help a recruiter, but in this age of hyper-personalization, building trust in communities and encouraging diversity and equality will be the most crucial factor.

This E-book covers the following:

  • The New Indian believes in Inclusion, Diversity and Equity.
  • The paradigm shift in sourcing methods: Technology will be a recruiter’s best friend
  • Candidate filtering: finding a needle in the husk, but faster
  • Employer branding: A step to becoming more personalised and global in approach
  • Humans and why they won’t be replaced by tech?

What our Talent Acquisition Expert says:

The ebook has been very informative. I loved the parts where it predicts how community and collaborative hiring will take tech hiring by storm.

Ankur Aggarwal

Co-founder, Dunzo