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Live sessions with industry leaders in recruitment working in companies like Amazon, Walmart, PayPal, Flipkart, etc. Super interactive sessions to help you learn the skills and responsibilities of a Perfect Recruiter.

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Lessons from building the core team for scale​

Learn how you can build core teams that help scale companies from 0 to 100 in the dynamic markets of today, build products that stand out and win.

The rise of community-led growth (CLG) in the talent landscape

Learn the importance of community-led growth CLG and how its shaping the talent landscape of tomorrow

How to align candidates to your vision from Day 1?

Learn how to align candidates to your company value and vision to boost productivity, enhance  effective communication.

Good Leadership Fuels Great Company Culture

Learn how good leadership influences culture and builds high-performance teams that drive change and innovation.

Key Ingredients of a Great Hire

In this exclusive roundtable with founders, we unearth some secrets and experiences of founders who have built high-performing teams and scaled from 0 to 1.


Influencer Marketing and Employer Branding to help you win the talent battle

Learn how Influencer Marketing and Employer branding can help you hire the best talent.


Learning and Adoption of New Tech

Understand the crucial role of onboarding in engaging staff with your company and how a good onboarding experience can help employees perform better.


The Future of AI In Recruitment

Learn how AI is changing the recruitment industry and how it will shape up in future.  Also understand the various use cases of AI in hiring.

Talent Intelligence: A new approach to hiring

The importance of talent intelligence in global organizations has grown more than ever in response to how COVID-19 has changed HR technology.

What Is the Future of Recruitment

Learn how recruitment will change, how culture and humanization will play a pivotal role and why communication is the key in this new world of recruitment

Leadership and Vision transform hiring strategies?

Understand the importance of the right leadership and the match of the vision between the candidate and the organization in order to make sure you hire the bes

Candidate Engagement – A Neuroscience Perspective

Harvard called Data Science ‘The Sexiest Job of 21st Century’. One of the major reason being that data is being generated at super speed right now is discussed.

The Art of Closing Top Candidates

Product Management is one of the most sought after role. But what is it and what is the role of a Product Manager? What does a product manager really do?