Instahyre Employer Branding Tools Every Recruiter Needs!

Supercharge your employer branding strategy with our Brand page, leadership events, & personalised candidate experience


This Datasheet will help you understand:

  • How to attract high-quality talent by upping your Employer branding game
  • Personalise hiring experience for candidates to increase offer letter acceptance
  • Leverage Instahyre brand page to distribute your EVP

75% of candidates research a company before applying for a job with it. That’s why it’s important to have a strong online presence of your employer brand to attract top talent and create a sustainable talent pipeline.

What can you do with Instahyre Employer branding tools?


  • Stand out among candidates by showcasing your company culture, benefits & more.
  • Target relevant candidates and nurture, engage & build relationships with them through our leadership events.
  • Attract top talent by being authentic and honest about your employer brand.
  • Create a sustainable pipeline and attract mid-senior talent through our employer branding solutions.

What recruiters say about Instahyre’s Employer Branding:

I have been using Instahyre for the last 8 months. My work has never been easier, be it tech hiring or non-tech; the quality of profiles available is next level. Using the platform is user-friendly and time-saving. Even before getting on a call with a candidate, they are already aware of the company’s branding and requirements. I am looking forward to each and every position posted by Healthplix to be hired and closed via Instahyre

Petrina Pinto