Attract Passive Talent pool with Instahyre Talent Acquisition Suite

73% of candidates in the market are passive and breaking ground elsewhere. Attract these candidates to build a pipeline.


This Datasheet will help you understand:

  • Building a passive talent pipeline is the key to beating the competition
  • Convert passive candidates into potential hires
  • Build healthy candidate relationships with Instahyre Talent Connect

Let us help you reduce your hiring time by 57% using Instahyre Talent Acquisition Suite.

It’s challenging to hire passive candidates, isn’t it? They are already happy working in their current organisations and breaking ground there. Instahyre Talent Acquisition helps companies build an instant talent pipeline of passive candidates.

What can you do with Instahyre Talent acquisition suite for passive hiring?

  • Provide superior candidate experience to passive folks.
  • Reduce your time to hire by using pre-made email templates.
  • Create an instant pipeline of passive candidates with our AI-enabled search engine.
  • Conduct virtual events to build relationships with a high quality talent pool.