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Instahyre Product Datasheets provide detailed undertanding to HR professionals regarding how our AI-enabled solutions work. Learn the benefits of our new-age HR tools such as Talent Acquisition suit, Diversity Management etc. even before using them.

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Unlock talent pool diversity with Instahyre D&I Management

Diverse organizations outperform others by 35%. This datasheet understand how AI can help you build robust D&I pipeline.

Attract Passive talent Instahyre Talent Acquisition Suite

73% of candidates in the market are passive and breaking ground elsewhere. Attract these candidates to built pipeline.

Stay close to your candidate pipeline with the Instahyre Inbox

Elevate your communication strategy with candidates with our in-built AI-enabled Inbox which always keep them updated.

Instahyre Employer Branding Tools that every Recruiter Needs!

Supercharge your employer branding strategy with our Brand page, leadership events, & personalised candidate experience

Find the best talent on the most sophisticated Search Engine

“Advanced Search” offers a fresh approach to recruiters, a combination of modern as well as traditional ways of searching for candidates.

Hire talented candidates via your next Hiring Drive with Instahyre

Our hiring drive is build on advanced technology that deploys at scale and attracts high-quality candidates in huge numbers in record time.

Automated Interview Scheduling System - Instahyre Scheduler

A built-in interview scheduling system which helps recruiters hire candidates and schedule interviews more easily and effectively.

Build 10x pipeline with Instahyre's Custom Interview Stages

Segment your Interview process with custom interview stages and allocate automated actions for each stage to organize your interview workflow.

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