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Success Stories

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How Rapyuta amplified gender diversity to 60% and candidate relevancy to 70%

With increased candidate relevancy and gender diversity, Rapyuta closed the job positions with fitting candidates and created better workplace culture.

How Oracle supercharged its hiring and boosted candidate relevancy to 90%?

With the help of Instayre’s hiring platform, Oracle could recruit for all the critical roles within deadlines and hire suitable matches for their profile.

How did Unacademy increased their shortlisting rate from 2% to 50%?

More than one-third of positions (around 35% ) closed using Instahyre for mid-level tech positions by Unacademy in 2020

How did the turnaround time reduce by 93.3% for Optum after using Instahyre

With Instahyre, Optum was able to close the positions faster and with better quality candidates

This is how the candidate relevancy went up to 80% for Zoomcar

Zoomcar was able to close 52% of their mid and senior-level tech positions using Instahyre

The one-stop that made niche recruitment effortless for Simility

With Instahyre, Simility was able to close niche positions with high-quality candidates at much less cost

The switch that made finding high-quality candidates effortless for Turvo

Instahyre reduced the time taken in sourcing and connecting with candidates for Turvo

The proven solution from being stuck in sourcing loop to quick closure for upGrad

With Instahyre, upGrad to close the positions faster and with better quality candidates

How did Cyware Labs boost their candidate response by 80% using Instahyre?

Instahyre helped Cyware Labs to create a pool of passive candidates for future openings 54% positions closed using Instahyre for tech hires

The one-stop solution that changed candidate relevancy from 10% to 50% for Navi

Navi was able to automate their sourcing process and helped them close 60 tech position in 2020-2021

The one move that became a game changer for SplashLearn's recruitment

SplashLearn started receiving top quality candidates from pedigree schools 52% positions closed in a snap using Instahyre for tech positions

How did the response rate from passive candidates increase for Kuliza?

Using Instahyre, Kuliza was able to close positions with passive candidates faster than ever

What boosted quality closure in record time for Little Black Book?

With Instahyre, LBB was able to close positions faster with top quality candidates

How did the candidate drop-off rate go down from 40% to 10% for Tala?

With Instahyre, Tala was able to fulfil 65% of its hiring needs in 2021 and their candidate drop-off rate went from 40% to 10% using Instahyre

How did recruiters reduce their hiring time by 50% at Mindtickle

Using Instahyre, Mindtickle’s turn around time reduced resulting in better candidate engagement