Work Abroad with these 5 Jobs & Fulfill Your Dream in 2021!

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Have you ever desired to work abroad? Even if not to settle, but just to experience things differently?

I’ll take it as a yes since a majority of Indians actually have that future plan. Plus, some of us have figured out foreign folks don’t lose their sleep over becoming an engineer or a doctor. 

Plus, some developed nations regarding work as work, no matter the job, makes it an even easier decision.
One more thing before I start, these jobs are not your Indian staple jobs (lookin’ at you, software engineers). These are the jobs that western countries have in plenty. So even if you’re not a dev, there are a ton of options for you.

CPACPA work abroad

The main perk of being a CPA abroad is not the money, but that it’s super high demand across the globe. So, in a way CPA can be the ultimate mobile job. Companies will hire you if you have – 

• Worked for a public company listed in the U.S.
• Know internal audit
• Significant understanding of the industry
• IFRS, tax, government risk, and compliance
• Certifications such as CPA, CGMA, or CA
• Basel III (if you’re in the banking world), the worldwide regulatory discipline within financial services
• Openness and cultural awareness; whether or not you’re able to adapt, show a willingness to travel, and curiosity about other cultures
Finally, you’ll have to check if the salary is at par with the global industry level. Finally, you need to read the Terms and Conditions carefully since your work abroad will not be the same at every company.

Internet Assessor

internet assessor work abroad

Are you searching for a job to work abroad in one of the best profiles? For a personalised internet assessor a must-have job requirement is being creative and an active interest in social media. Language proficiency in English is also a requirement in most countries.

One of the many perks of a personalised internet assessor is they can choose a work schedule of their own choice. More flexibility means now you can pursue other interests and learn beyond the scope of your job.

IT Analystit analyst work abroad

IT Business & System analysts are in shortage in the world. Most countries where immigration is possible in 12 months under different schemes allow you to work abroad.
IT business system analysts work with users to formulate system requirements, develop system plans & documentation, review & evaluate existing systems, design & modify systems to meet users’ business needs.
Sometimes it feels like analysts have exploded in India in last 5 years, but most of the jobs abroad are still struggling to keep up with the pace of technology.

Civil Site Engineercivil site engineer work abroad

Love travelling and working out of multiple offices? Well, site engineers enjoy the flexibility of time and location independence most of the time. However, they are generally associated with a construction company and may work out of various locations.
However, they are generally associated with a construction company and may work out of various locations.
To work abroad in this role, you require knowledge of the construction of civil works related to water treatment plants such as water retaining structures, foundations for equipment, substation buildings, admin buildings, plant roads, fencing, etc.
Companies generally ask for a Civil Bachelors degree for this foreign job. Many countries in Africa and the Middle East and some corners of Asia are now developing countries. Meaning, a heavy requirement of Site Engineers.

Credit Analystcredit analyst work abroad

This job needs you to be in a position to obtain credit information and make an analysis of financial statements. You must also be able to maintain comprehensive files of customers.
A job for those who love number crunching, it requires you to have a little experience. The domains in which work-ex is required are credit analysis, credit risk, credit assessment and financial analysis. 
Lastly, if you find going abroad isn’t your kinda deal, drop by here. The best companies with exciting profiles are waiting here to have a chat with you.]]>