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How to Convince Your Boss That ‘Work-Life Balance’ Really Exists

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Work life balance today, we have great products & inventions in the market. We’re more productive, more intelligent, more successful in offices and our life quality has drastically improved since the golden era of industrialisation.

Really rosy picture, isn’t it?
Sadly, you saw only one face of the coin.
The other side reveals mostly stressed out employees who’re fighting to strike a healthy work-life balance. It’s become an exhausting exercise for the working class. Incessant push notifications, constant email drops, a late-night call from the project manager, invitation for an upcoming conference… This list of new-age tools never ends.
While there’s no doubt tools help us with our office work. But right now, the same tools are stealing our “personal/self” time, and affecting our “life after work.”
And since our ‘work’ and ‘life’ are tied at the seams – any damage to personal life eventually reflects on the job performance. 
Take, for example, a working mother with two jobs. One in the morning and the other, evening. This mom can’t deliver quality work at the office at any cost if she’s even a little doubtful about the situation of her kids back home.
Put another way, an employee’s “personal rewards” are as important as their “professional rewards”. So, to maintain a great work-life balance, and ensure your boss understands the balance, here are 7 strategies you can follow.

1. Put yourself first to improve work life balance

Work life balance

You first take care of your needs, needs of the rest come later. That’s basic logic.
For instance, if you’re sick, that ‘mandatory’ high stakes meeting, the one you won’t miss for the world, can’t take place anyway.
That’s the problem with professionals. They put work above all else. What they forget is they’re actually expendable to an employer. Something happens to them, another employee will be hired to replace them.
Enterprises don’t have feelings (non-living entities, remember?). Choose yourself. And also choose a career that does right by you.

2. Create a daily routine and stick to it 

Creating time for yourself is the most important, yet, the hardest task for us. Actually, it’s called “creating time” because there are a million things that you need to do at all times.
But if you can carve out time for your work, the benefits are infinite. 

  • You’ll never miss a daily chore.
  • You’ll never miss deadlines (coz you see them coming a mile out, thanks to your routine.)
  • You’ll workout instead of running off to that networking event (Champagne vs. protein shake. I know, the choice is tough.)
  • Your decision making will become stronger than ever (you can finally read more on mental models now).
  • You’ll be more relaxed in general.
  • Ultimately, there’ll be a time when you’ll own your routine and finish tasks (official or personal) much before the allotted time. This free time is a luxury. You can pick up a hobby or a skill. Or spend this time with family.
    The choice is yours. You run the day.

Plus, a super work-life balance. Got it now?

3. Have a dream for your future

There is a Chinese proverb that says “A life without a purpose is a life wasted”.
Golden words!
Create a dream for yourself and set your future goals leading to that dream. Anything you want to accomplish!
Maybe it’s a car or a house you want to buy. Or perhaps your future is set outdoors in your dreams. Or maybe your dream is to sit on the CEO chair one day. Whatever it is, it’s your move!
A strong drive and a clear path to the future. What more do you want!

4. Take vacation time

Take time to go out on your vacations.
In fact, the millennial workforce has made vacations famous as a getaway to clear a cluttered head. You’ll truly wash away your stress and return with a blank slate.
And a clear mind is basically the foundation of a healthy work-life balance.

5. Be organized

Disorganisation is a nasty time thief.
Organised your life, home, office, schedule…everything. You’ll see the time slowing down for you once your life is well run.

6. Be present, consistent and accountable.

Maintaining a professional work-life balance is all about being ‘present’ and ‘consistent’ both in your personal life and your work. While being present is just common sense, consistency is a quality that’s rewarded everywhere without fail.

Once is a fluke, twice is a coincidence, but thrice is a habit.

But at the end, you will be accountable for all you do in life. Life has no excuses. So, make sure you do an amazing job every time, and own it.

7. Unplug from the world

Sometimes, the world will be too much to handle. Happens to everyone. At that time, all you need to do is – just pull the plug.
Take some time off from the rest of the world. Doesn’t have to be literal, though (like booking a trip to the Arctic!).
Maybe just relax for twenty minutes and have coffee on your roof. Switch off the cell…and thoughts.
If you’re really needed somewhere, give the concerned person an alternate phone number. And turn off the usual phone.
It may seem not like much, but in reality, it’ll detach you from stress and put you right in the middle of work-life balance. (Imagine a real balance swing and you’re at the fulcrum – the perfect balance.)


In reality, the power to shape a great work-life balance for employees lies with companies. So, if you’re looking for a workplace which has all the perks you can think of, and then some more – check out top companies here offering best in class employee benefits plus, an unlimited scope for growth.]]>