Company Culture – Follow these steps to sustain it in 2021?

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Company culture is the single biggest factor when it comes to retention of talent. A company that makes no efforts to acknowledge its employees’ achievements or extra time and effort that they put into getting the work done, cannot hope to retain them for long.

A good, friendly workplace environment is crucial to help maintain an employee’s loyalty and enthusiasm in working for the company. If no incentives are provided, then the employee gets fed up in the long run and looks for a change where their work will be appreciated.

Smaller companies that are on the growth phase find it easier to maintain the company culture and the friendly workplace since they have more chances to have a direct connection between the higher officials and the worker bees .

Company Culture

But as they rapidly progress and develop into a large scale working factor, the thread that holds the members together begins to unravel, and in the process, a lot of hard work that goes into building the company goes unnoticed. That is the reason so much of emphasis is being put on maintaining a strong employer brand these days. Here are a few tips to help maintain the quality of the company culture and the workplace relationships from dissolving as the company grows :

Recognizing key contributions :

No matter how fast and how big the company grows, it is vital that the people who were responsible for it be given their due recognition. Constant encouragement, a pat on the back and a whole lot of laughter can go a long way in maintaining a friendly workplace, improving the quality of work done, rather than sticking to rigid policies that make everyone uncomfortable and lead to a loss of communication between the masses.

Maintain and enforce company culture and traditions :

A strong work Company Culture is essential in enforcing positive reinforcement among the team members and ensures that the people stick together and help one and another. Events that bring together the various people from different groups or departments, such as team lunches or outings or even activities help boost a spirit of camaraderie, help strengthen the team.

Maintain transparency and trust flows :

As companies begin to climb the ladder of success and expand, a direct link needs to be maintained between the higher ups and the employees. A company culture that fosters such a tradition, helps maintain a friendly workplace where ideas can be shared easily, opinions exchanged and advice offered.

Making sure that the core values of the company is maintained during the expansion ensures the survival of the company and its people who have invested their time and effort in it.

Uphold hiring standards :

Every company has its own set of standards and values that are developed, which evolve with time as the company grows. However, these core values need to be maintained and need to be put into practise instead of being tossed aside for the latest fad that comes into practise.

It is important to understand that the people who get hired by the company follow the same ideals and values and actually become a valuable asset to the company in the long term.

People who enjoy the work culture and the people they work with are the backbone of the company and need to have serious time and effort invested in them for the success of the company.