Star Recruiters of May 2017

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So, who can bring the magic back to hiring at budding and established startups? Who’ll be the recruiters to take care of talent acquisition and workforce optimisation challenges? Actually, the solution isn’t that hard to find – just look towards your hiring superstars for answers. Your HR team. In addition to being the talent lifeline of a company, HR specialists and recruiters act as excellent marketers of your brand, fearless communicators of your culture, keeper of performance metrics, and overall a crucial business driver. HR, TA, and recruiters are your company’s networkers and at the same time pipeline builders for amazing talent. They aren’t afraid to go out on a limb and experiment new search techniques to dig up just the right candidates needed to grow your company. And finally, our recruiters are the prime shapers of a culture that will be practised for years to come. Therefore, in the same unshakeable spirit, Instahyre returns every month to cheer, salute, and celebrate these heroes for all their efforts, seen and unseen. This time around, we’re here to applaud a couple of star talent specialists who teamed up with Instahyre to hire the finest candidates for their respective companies. Here they are…

‘Talent Sniper’ Award

This month’s ‘Talent Sniper’ award goes to Naveen Taalanki, Talent Acquisition Specialist at EdGe Networks Pvt. Ltd. for his unique skills to identify and reach out to the most number of candidates. Naveen not only zeroed in on the most talented candidates on Instahyre but was extremely quick to recognise the power of (and use) InstaMatch algorithm that runs the Instahyre platform towards getting a perfectly matching pool of candidates. We are elated to assist Naveen in his efforts and look forward to providing him the best experience without exception.

‘Talent Magnet’ Award

Our next award winner is Annett Macgowan, Associate Director HR at Tapzo, who’s become the ‘Talent Magnet’ of May for attracting the most number of inbound applicants on her job postings. With her expert knowledge of candidate needs, she constantly posted clear, precise job descriptions which drew in highly relevant applicant crowd. Annett also made the best use of Instahyre’s employer branding solutions by maintaining an irresistible brand page of Tapzo. This offered candidates a peek inside the real culture and values of the company, thus appealing to her ideal target candidates. We congratulate Naveen and Annett again for their exemplary performances and wish them all the best. We’ll be back again next month with the star recruiters of the month folks. See ya!  ]]>