Star recruiters of March 2017

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But why exactly do we celebrate the brilliance of recruiters each month? Well, for those who have never hired before, hiring looks like one of the easiest tasks ever. Actually, most of us think that before we try our hand at hiring. And that’s when reality strikes – Hiring a great employee takes a hell of a lot more than calling candidates to your office, interviewing them, and simply extending the offer. For this exact reason, we salute the finesse and nuanced skills of great HR personnel working with Instahyre, every month. We do it because we’re in awe of the skills, flexibility, and patience it takes these hiring wizards to fill tricky roles. Not only that, these star recruiters are smart risk takers and advisors with an expertise in maintaining a candidate’s trust. Why? Because as soon as they contact a candidate, they become responsible for meeting all their expectations – the candidate basically puts his/her career in their hands now. Naturally, trustworthiness is a quality that comes attached with a recruiter’s’ job description. So, applauding the tireless efforts of two of these fine recruitment masters, here we are with the Star Recruiters of the Month for March 2017.

‘Talent Sniper’ Award

Star recruiters of March 2017This month’s ‘Talent Sniper’ award goes to Gibran Khan of Rivigo for his amazing skills to dig up the maximum number of elusive candidates and successfully reach out to them. Gibran zeroed in on the most talented candidates quickly by leveraging InstaMatch algorithm that runs the Instahyre platform. We are excited to provide support to Gibran in his efforts and look forward to continuing with the best experience possible without exception.

‘Talent Magnet’ Award

Star recruiters of March 2017Ankita Kokas of Zoomcar is the ‘Talent Magnet’ for March 2017 for attracting the most number of inbound applicants for jobs at Zoomcar. With her expert knowledge of candidate needs, she ensured her job postings were targeted and crystal clear to attract top class relevant talent. Ankita also used Instahyre’s employer branding solutions very creatively and maintained an irresistible brand page for Zoomcar. This gave candidates a glimpse of the company culture and values, thus appealing to only interested candidates. We congratulate them on this feat, and wish them a great success in their careers. Okay, this ends our Star Recruiters of March edition. We’ll be back in April again folks! Stay glued!]]>